7 Places To Have Sex Other Than Your Relative's House This Week


If you're home for the holidays, there's a good chance you're running out of places to have sex. You can be as quiet as possible, you can wait until everyone's out of the house, you can even play music to cover up that creaking bed spring— you're still trying to have sex in a relative's house. And it's never quite right. You're too stressed, too aware, and maybe even too interrupted. Why not take this week to try somewhere new?

Because it's always fun to try a new place to have sex. “It’s a good idea to switch things up every once in a while, because it allows us to connect with our partners in a new way that can be very erotic and exciting,” Sarah Watson, LPC and sex therapist, tells Bustle. And this week you probably need it more than ever. So you can give your sex life a boost while getting some much-deserved privacy and a break from all of the holiday family stress. Think of it as a holiday gift to yourself and your partner— one that's way better than socks.

So where can you go? Well, the good news is there are loads of options. Whether you just want a quickie or to really take some time away from it all, here are seven places to have sex this week that aren't a relatives house:

1. Your Car

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

It may not be glamorous, but it's an American tradition for a reason. Cars provide privacy and just enough room to get down and dirty. In fact, a University of South Dakota study in Journal of Sex Research found that 60 percent of us have had sex in a car. Just make sure you drive somewhere private, because nobody wants a cop shining a flashlight on you in the middle of your favorite position.

Position To Try: Cowgirl Variation

2. A Public Restroom

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I know, it sounds gross. And it kind of is gross. But they're available all over the place and you can lock the door, meaning you're not going to get walked in on or traumatize any onlookers. Plus, it can make holiday shopping way more fun— and you can use positions that minimize the germs.

Position To Try: Standing

3. The Great Outdoors

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OK, so be careful with this one. Because you really don't want to break any public decency laws. But if you're like me and you go somewhere really rural for the holidays, you can always find somewhere private. If you're up in the mountains, just make sure you stick to positions you can do with your clothes on, because there are some places you definitely don't want to get frostbite.

Position To Try: Missionary

4. A Beach

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Did you travel somewhere warm for the holidays? Well, you're in luck. You have one of the sexiest locations available to get some private time. But beware— beaches may be picturesque but you're definitely going to want to put down a towel. You may see beach sex looking easy and spontaneous in movies, but they always leave out the fact that you get buckets of sand in your crevices. In all your crevices. Be careful.

Position To Try: Lotus

5. A Hotel Room

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Treat. Your. Self. If staying with family is really getting to you, splash out on a last minute hotel deal. Stay overnight— or maybe only for a few hours— but get some real couple time that doesn't feel rushed (or like you might get arrested).

Position To Try: Reverse Cowgirl

6. An Air Plane

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If you're traveling this holiday, it's a great time to join The Mile High Club. But you definitely do this at your own risk. "The Mile High Club might be exclusive and tempting but consider that while no state law might be applicable if no one sees you, there are surely some number of federal agencies that will find the conduct actionable," Joseph Tully, criminal lawyer and author of California: State of Collusion, tells Bustle, "Since 9/11, it’s best not to stretch the limits on airplanes or you risk the unbridled wrath of Homeland Security—not an agency known for a sense of leniency or humor. Destination sex might be a better bet to stay off the no-fly list.” Don't say I didn't warn you.

Position To Try: In A Chair

7. The Movies

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I know it doesn't seem like the most private— and be really sure you're not going to inappropriately flash anyone— but it is an option if you're getting desperate. Vanessa Marin, a licensed sex psychotherapist, wrote in Bustle: "The armrest situation can make intercourse a little tricky, but you can give each other hand jobs in the darkness of the back rows. Just be careful with this one — you could very well get caught and/or traumatize a witness." I'd stick to some naughty, above-the-clothes touching, but if the movie theatre is empty then the choice is yours.

Position To Try: Seated Oral

The holidays can stress us all out, so you probably need a sexy break now more than ever. And, no matter how quiet you are, home just doesn't always do the trick. Try and think outside the box to make sure you're getting the alone time you need— but make sure you know the law and the rules where you are. Nobody wants a run-in with the cops over the holidays.