'50 Shades Darker' Must Have These Quotes

Is it getting hot in here? It must be the anticipation of Fifty Shades Darker finally hitting movie theaters. The Fifty Shades of Grey sequel is coming just in time for Valentine's Day, and it's bringing some seriously sexy scenes with it. Fans who have read the Fifty Shades book series know that Fifty Shades Darker takes the R-rated romance into an entirely new genre, and it's a bit more of a thriller than Fifty Shades of Grey. However, that doesn't mean that the book isn't full of sexy, wonderful nuggets of dialogue that need to be in the movie, as shown by these 11 Fifty Shades Darker book quotes, all of which deserve on-screen time, too.

Let's be real: the Fifty Shades series is not known for being a literary masterpiece. It's known instead for being an exploration into the romance novel's version of BDSM, an embrace of female sexuality, and, yes, for containing some pretty hot and detailed sex scenes. And, while it looks like a lot of the hot Fifty Shades Darker scenes will be brought to life in the movie (like the pool table scene, for example), there are a few nuggets of dialogue that should be included too. These 11 Fifty Shades Darker quotes from the book simply need to be in the movie.

1. Christian's Declaration Of Love

"This is me, Ana. All of me... and I'm all yours. What do I have to do to make you realize that? To make you see that I want you in any way I can get you. That I love you." — Christian Grey

2. Ana Gets Real

"I cannot be with someone who takes pleasure in inflicting pain on me, someone who can't love me." — Ana

3. Vanilla

"Let me ask you something first. Do you want a regular vanilla relationship with no kinky f**kery at all?" — Christian

4. Instant Gratification

"Whatever happened to delayed gratification?" — Ana

"I got over it, and I'm now a firm advocate of instant gratification. Carpe diem, Ana." — Christian

5. Lessons In Communication

"I wasn't aware we were fighting. I thought we were communicating." — Christian

6. The Wrath Of The Exes

"Honestly, your exes are proving to be very challenging, Mr. Grey." — Ana

7. Hulk Christian

"You were really angry, if I remember correctly" — Ana

"Anastasia, I'm always really angry." — Christian

8. Mine

"You are mine, Anastasia... I take care of what's mine." — Christian

9. Patience

"I can't resist you, and I don't want to lose you... don't run, please — have a little faith in me and a little patience please." — Christian

10. Christian's Catchphrase

"Laters, baby."

11. The Proposal

"Marry me." — Christian

Sexytimes, here we come.