11 Apps That Will Make Long-Distance Couples Feel Like They're Closer Together

Those who shun long distance relationships have not known the power of true love. Or maybe they live under a rock during our modern digital days. If you're looking to stay connected in a relationship that is separated by states or oceans, I have some good news. There is a slew of apps every long distance couple should use. And while I can neither report on any technological developments nor offer you a lesson on the science of time warps, I can point you in the direction of phone apps that will make your beloved seem at least a little closer.

Sometimes being two towns over seems like it could warrant justified use of those light up relationship-censor pillow inventions that makes it seem like your lover's soul is spooning you when their physical body can't. My college boyfriend lived off a different subway line than me and though we resided in the same borough of New York City, when we occupied our separate abodes I would spend that time penning love letters to him like he was oceans away.

Love is intense and having your person far from your embrace is hard on the heart. Thankfully our phones are like the most advanced walkie-talkies that keep lovers connected around the world so true love can persevere.


iTunes App Store

Dubbed as the "App for Two" Couple allows long distant lovers to contribute to the same, private timeline. Features include a shared calendar so that you two can digitally circle your reunion date with a splash of heart-eye emojis. You can also ~feel the touch~ of your loved one with Thumbkiss. Sketching in real time together in the Live Sketch feature is another exciting way to feel close when you can't physically hold hands.



Make the countdown official for when your boo flies to your city to see you with a celebratory tracking calendar that will store all those special dates you look forward to. With Between there are a lot of ways to fill the space ~between~ you two. The app creates a private channel for couples to store their favorite memories, allows them to design their chat space with sweet stickers. When you're miles and miles from a kiss, this app can make things seem more intimate and involved than a phone call.


iTunes App Store

Got a favorite show you always made time to cuddle up on the couch to enjoy? And watching without them somehow feels wrong? Well, cocoon yourself in your favorite pile of blankets and open the Rabbit app. Your loved one can join you as the app synchs whatever your watching so you can watch together miles apart without spoilers. Sounds much better than when you'd have to call each other and say, "okay press play in 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... NOW!"



The cool thing about Without is that it totally gets your longing while also respecting that you are two busy people operating in a chaotic world. That's why the single tap selfie-notes is so great. Remind your lover that you're thinking about them throughout the havoc of your day's schedule with surprise sweet nothings and picture. When you're missing their face, open Without, swoon at their latest message and go about your day.



I have witnessed long distance relationships make it to marriage by way of WhatsApp. This staple app allows for calls, messaging, and leaving voice recordings. These simple features make it the choice way of communication when you're in New York and your soulmate is in Tel Aviv.


iTunes App Store

Get all romantic and old fashioned with TouchNote. The app turns your personal pictures into postcards and sends them to your loved one with a personal message so that you have something other than texts to show your grandchildren one day.

Bloom That


Who doesn't enjoy a surprise flower delivery? BloomThat figures that ~someone~ you know ~might~ be interested in displaying a bouquet on their desk. Just pick your bae's favorite flower and tap your phone screen between checking emails. It's. That. Simple. To. Make. Someone's. Day.


Google Play

If you're an Android user and you're in a long distance relationship, you have to get LokLok. The creative app allows lovers to send messages using sketches created on your lock screen. When they open their phone your sweet doodle will appear which you can rest assured ~drew~ a beaming smile from them.



HeyTell gets that sometimes you just want to hear the angelic voice of your beloved. And that sometimes you have so much to say your thumbs can't keep up with your thoughts. This is perfect for when you can't get to the phone.



Sometimes you need intimacy-intimacy and that doesn't help when your partner is 4,000 miles from your bedroom. We-Connect gets that sexual frustration and works to keep things sexy beyond FaceTime and phone calls and dirty texts with ~vibrations~. Once you're both connected to the app, your lover can control the vibrations you're enjoying and you two can feel a little closer than you actually are.


Google Play

This is for you. Sadness is a real thing that infects your heart and soul when your love is so far away all of the time. It's important to stay on top of your mental health when the distance begins to weigh on you. Keeping a journal with the Journey app is a way to keep track of what you're grateful for, remind yourself how bad-ass independent you are and vent those feelings when you need to air frustration out of your system. Focusing on your own well-being is a way to make your relationship sustainable when you're faced with challenges. Such as, distance.