Asda's Skincare Range Let's You Dupe A High-End Regime For A Fraction Of The Price


Skincare costs a bomb. Every few weeks, a new product is touted as the thing that will leave you glowing. When that wonder cream doesn't quite live up to its promises, you simply get sucked into buying more. But supermarkets are now muscling into the luxury market. And personally, Asda's skincare products are among my favourites.

The chain introduced the nspa beauty range to its stores a few years ago, and has been busy creating impressive new collections ever since. Beauty Rituals, one of the brand's most popular ranges, prides itself on letting you create an entire skincare routine with just three products. Then there's the Expert collection, which focuses on anti-ageing and firming techniques, oh, and the Sacred Spa range, which lets you recreate all the relaxation of a spa in your very own home. Then, finally, there's the Fruit Extracts selection, which boasts plenty of vitamins to leave your skin feeling as nourished as can be.

But in addition to great products, nspa prides itself on its ethical policies. It has a strict anti-cruelty stance and is completely against animal testing. The brand also ensures that none of its products (including the raw ingredients) ever come into contact with animals.

Plenty of people are already fans of the supermarket skincare range. With comparisons to expensive brands like Clarins and Liz Earle, it's easy to understand why. Most of the products are also under a tenner, making them well worth a try.

Here are some of the best Asda skincare products to get acquainted with this summer.


It's tempting to spend literally hundreds on skincare but trying a few more affordable options might just change your life. What do you have to lose?