Atlanta Falcons-Themed Super Bowl Drink Ideas

by Kiersten Hickman

So, you’re making all of this food and throwing a huge Super Bowl party this weekend, but have no idea what drinks to serve — especially since, well, you’re rooting for the Atlanta Falcons against the New England Patriots, and you’re stuck on what to make for your over-21 friends. Pro tip: Go for the team colors. By making numerous red cocktails, you will have the most clever Atlanta Falcons-themed Super Bowl drink ideas that will surely impress everyone at your party.

Along with having a to of different red drinks, you can also make a few batches of sweet tea. Sweet tea is an Atlanta favorite — so you could make a plain batch, or there’s even a recipe in this list on how to spike your sweet tea without losing it’s impeccable flavor. There’s also different versions of blood orange cocktails, a whisky and gin sour to try, and even some sangria. I mean, sangria is red sometimes, right? Plus it’s going to taste great with all of that salty Super Bowl food you’ve been putting together all week.

So if you’re in charge of this year’s Super Bowl shindig, and you’re rooting for the Atlanta Falcons, then these cocktail and mocktail recipes are exactly what you need for a perfectly themed game day.

Red Wine Gin Sour

For a sophisticated drink at your party, try this Red Wine Gin Sour by Hummingbird High with dry gin, elderflower liqueur, simple syrup, lemon juice, red wine, and an egg white.

Sweet Tea

For an Atlanta classic, make a batch of this sweet tea by The Kitchn.

Sweet Tea Bourbon Cocktails

For a kick to your usual sweet tea, try these bourbon cocktails by Joy the Baker.

Red Wine Sangria

This sangria recipe by The Kitchn will go really well with those tacos or nachos you’re putting out for the party!

Blood Orange Bourbon Cocktails

These cocktails by The Little Epicurean are so red, they will blend perfectly with your Atlanta-themed décor!

A Simple Bloody Mary

The classic red cocktail for your party, made by The Kitchn.

Cherry Whiskey Smash Cocktails

I don’t even like cherries, but these whiskey cocktails by How Sweet Eats look way too good not to make.

Blood Orange French

A very different take on a blood orange cocktail by Cookie and Kate using champagne or sparkling wine!

Tart Cherry Old Fashioned

Make the usual Old Fashioned with a little Falcons flavor by adding some red cherries to it with Jelly Toast.

Apple Cider Sparkling Sweet Tea

This cocktail by Love and Lemons is basically the ultimate lovechild between sweet tea, sangria, and hard apple cider. Yum.

Cranberry & St. Germain Pitcher Sparkler

This easy four-ingredient cocktail by The Kitchn will be the easiest alcoholic drink you’ll ever put together!