11 Of The Best Flavoured Gins That Your Summer Tipples Need ASAP

by Aoife Hanna
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Gin is undoubtedly a classic, quintessentially British spirit. From mother's ruin to the queen mother proudly gripping a gin and Dubonnet — this spirit is the true spirit of the UK. And with legions of new fans, and the craft booze movement picking up speed in the UK, there are now so many options for you to get on board with for your next "gincident." But guys, choosing the best flavoured gins is by no means an easy thing to do — because there are really all sorts on the market. With summer mere weeks away, we are about to enter the best time of the year, and these are the best flavoured gins to enjoy on a nice warm evening as the sun goes down.

If there is a flavour that gets your taste buds tingling, there is a gin for that. From your savoury to your sweet, your tangy to your smooth — your tastebuds can now get the work out they need from a drink. Gin has gone far beyond the simple gin and tonic. Oh yes. The drink, which was made popular by expats quaffing on quinine, according to drink brand Fever Tree, to stop being slayed by mosquitos, seems old fashioned these days. Flavoured gins are the way forward and with this much choice, you'll never look back.


Rhubarb & Ginger Gin — Edinburgh Gin

Sweet and spicy, this rhubarb and ginger offering comes from the award-winning Edinburgh Gin company. For fans of a hint of flavour on the go, there is a sparkling version of the liqueur in a can that will hit every flavour note on the head.

P.S. All orders of the new gin come with a lit AF drink-choosing magic eight ball (while stocks last) .


Pink Strawberry Gin — Beefeater

The classic brand done good with this flavour choice. The acidic, deep, full-bodied flavour of gin paired up with the sweet tangy strawberry accents is 100 percent the drink of the summer.

Add fresh strawberries and mint so you look classy AF at your next party.


Lemon Drizzle Gin — Sipsmith

Sipsmiths are arguably one of the top craft spirit companies in the UK right now. So it's no surprise that they are experts when it comes to gins with a little something extra.

Their lemon drizzle flavour is like if lemon drizzle cake and gin had a baby. Hell yes please — I'll take another.


Sloe Gin — Plymouth Gin

Slow gin has been around for donkeys years and is as British as WI members flogging scones.

Sweet and rich, this Plymouth Gin offering is a perfect addition to your cocktail cabinet.


Flor De Sevilla — Tanqueray

This top shelf classic gin mixed with bittersweet Seville oranges packs a whole lot of zesty punch. Served best with good quality tonic water and a big wedge of orange, you'll struggle to go back to plain old gin after this one.


Quince Gin — Whitley Neil

Just when you thought the only thing quinces were good for were jelly. The brand claims to be inspired by Persian flavours with this divine gin. The juice of the quince has both sharpness and sweetness feels like a fusion of apple and pear.


Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin — Chase

This tasty gin is a winner with a mixer or as an addition to your favourite cocktail. Especially delicious with some fresh mint.


Violet Gin — JJ Whitely

Oh god, Parma Violets. The sweets that everybody seems to like least but I personally obsess over.

Floral, perfume-y flavours, and the shade of the moment. Yes please.


Pink Pepper Gin — Audemus


Malfy Con Arancia Sicilian Blood Orange Gin


Honey Bee Gin — Warner Edwards

Definitely my favourite on the list. Not only is it kind to the environment (with its mission to help the Royal Horticultural Society save the bees), but the wax-sealed bottle is just heavenly.

Sure to cause a buzz at your next cocktail party.


No matter which gin you choose, make sure to take it easy. With percentages in the region of 40, when it comes to gin — less is more.

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