11 Gifts To Get Your Bestie That Will Get Here By Christmas


When it comes to best friend gifts, you either know exactly what to get months in advance, or you're stressing out until the very last minute. Your best friend is perhaps the one person in your life whose gift you do not want to mess up. It's not just about saying "happy holidays," it's also about saying "thank you for being my best friend" — so there's a lot of pressure to say it well. Because the stakes are high, I suggest getting useful gifts for your best friend. Ensuring that the gift you chose can perform some function or fill some need will allow you to feel confident at your gift exchange.

To help calm your holiday jitters, I've put together a list of gifts that anyone would be happy to have — but not in an impersonal way. There's a fine line between the kind of gift you can regift and the kind of gift that you know will hit the spot for a lot of people. There's no better way to show your bestie you love her than by getting her a gift she can use right away and be excited about. Save the craft kits and value sock packs for family members — get your bestie something she can shred open and dive into. Here are gifts that your bestie will actually want to use ASAP:

An Un-Killable Plant Kit

Epic Party Shoes

A Spa Set For Mamas

Sweatpants For The Gods

A DIY La Croix System

A Portable Battery

Some Chill Vibes

A Multi-Purpose Board

The Ultimate BFF Gift

A Studio Quality Light-Up Phone Case

A Spa Hair Treatment