27 Insanely Clever Gifts On Amazon Trending With Millennials

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Even though there's a wealth of think pieces about them, it's actually hard to pinpoint what millennials like. Sure, you’ve read that they're wasting all their cash on avocado toast but besides brunch, what should you buy them? Finding the perfect gift for anyone is hard, and finding a trending gift for millennials is extra hard.

It's not because millennials are super picky or resistant to any kind of presents, it's because millennials have hugely varied interests. But never fear — millennials are super open-minded and appreciate any kind of innovative and creative gifts. And pretty much anybody would enjoy something as useful as a cold brew coffee maker.

But because "just get them something practical" is not super helpful for a gift guide, I've narrowed it down a bit. From luxury sheets to a shower beer holder, there's something for every kind of millennial for any occasion. One friend might really like a stress relieving magnet set while somebody else could be thrilled to get some Himalayan salt shot glasses.

If you need to get a gift that millennials will love, we've definitely got it. You might even find that some of this stuff is clever enough to please any generation.

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