11 Best Playlists To Listen To When You're Loving Being Single


When you're single, sometimes it can feel like the whole world is pushing you toward coupledom. Your mom, your friends, the movies you watch, even the songs you hear on the radio  — they all tend to bang on about how great it is to meet the right person and settle down. It's all, "Love love blah blah blah under a honeysuckle rose tree blah come on down and be my overall-wearing girl, sure it's quirky but I'll still love because I'm sensitive like that." That kind of stuff. But sometimes, you just want to celebrate how amazing it is to be on your own. Because when it's good, being single can really be the best. Maybe you're newly single, maybe you're someone who is just loving being single at the moment, or maybe you always love it. For some people, being single is a lifestyle choice.

"I think that some people are meant to be single," psychologist Nikki Martinez tells Bustle. "They are confident, they love their lives, they love the ability to have no deep-rooted responsibilities that would keep them from doing things at the drop of a hat."

Regardless of how long you plan on being single, thankfully, there are plenty of playlists out there ready to help you shout about how much you love your single life. Whether you're getting ready for a night with your friends or just want to take a solo drive, here are the best playlists for when you're feeling your single life.

1This Anthem-Filled Gem

From Aretha to Demi, this playlist lets you shout it out. Open up the windows and celebrate with some of the ultimate single anthems.

2This Girl Group's Fave

A list curated for you by Little Mix, the queens of singing about being single? I'm here for it. There's a lot of Little Mix on there, but there's also a whole lot more.

3This Diva Ensemble

Do you want to be unapologetically you? That's what divas are there for — they've got your back.

4This Single Lady Salute

It starts with Beyoncé and it just keeps going — just like everything in this world should.

5This 100-Song Epicness

One hundred songs that will make you feel great, whether you're newly single or a firm lover of the single life.

6This Adventure-Ready List

Some of my favorite single moments have been cruising around by myself — spice up your solo road trip with this killer list with everything from Bruce Springsteen to the Kinks.

7This Friend-Approved Party

Spending some time with your besties instead? No worries, this list has you covered for the next weekend getaway with the girls.

8This Getting Ready Option

How can you get pumped for a night out with your friends? From Selena to Rita to Clean Bandit, you'll be dancing before you're even out the door.

9This Country Loving

Country girls love the single life too, you know. This mix is perfect for all of those country music lovers who are happier with their Daisy Duke's then they are with a partner.

10This Joyful Wake Up

The morning should not be about Facebook and Instagram — music is a much better start to the day. Start your single day off right with this happy mix.

11This Domestic Bliss

Sometimes, being home on your own as a happy single person can be the ultimate bliss — here's a playlist for when you're just loving your life, all on your own.

Being single often gets a bad wrap, but when it feels right, it's so right — and sometimes, you just want to shout it out.