11 Bizarre Bras That Are Actually Total Lifesavers

Anyone who's met me knows that I'm not afraid to try weird products. My go-to toothpaste is black and made of charcoal and my favorite drink is a goopy fermented carbonated tea called Kombucha. Needless to say, I'm also totally down with weird but genius bras, especially if they're innovative enough to solve some major fashion mishaps.

However, I'm pretty picky when it comes to my bras. If I'm going to grant something permanent residence in the limited space that is my underwear drawer, it needs to be a whole lot of characteristics at the same time. In addition to serving its intended purpose (that is, keeping my boobs somewhere above my belly button), it also needs to be comfortable, breathable, attractive, invisible under my clothing, and an overall pleasure to wear. Otherwise, I'm not wasting my time.

This is where an innovative design or a bizarre shape might come in handy. These bras don't look or feel anything like your average T-shirt bra, but that's certainly not a bad thing, so don't be intimidated by them. In fact, they solve problems that other bras just get in the way of, and they do so while remaining comfortable, supportive, invisible, and genuinely useful.

This Backless And Strapless Bra That Actually Lifts And Shapes

Oolala Backless Adhesive Pushup Bra (Sizes XS-M), $18, Amazon

At first glance, this Oolala backless adhesive pushup bra doesn't look like it could support anything, but the reviews seriously disagree. It shapes and lifts your breasts for tons of cleavage without straps or a back, and the adhesive is pain-free and hypoallergenic. One happy buyer said, "I've worn this item twice now, and not for one minute did I think about or need to worry about this bra."

This Bra With A Pocket For Travel, Lounging, Or Running

Pocket Yoga Bra (Sizes 30A-40A), $12-$25, Amazon

Stretchy, supportive, seamless, and breathable, these yoga bras are amazing if you're just lounging around at home. However, they're supportive enough for medium to high impact activities, and they've got some awesome features like removable pads and a hidden pocket between the cups for your key, phone, or ID.

This Virtually Invisible Bra That Still Gives You lift And Support

Wonderbra Perfect Plunge Bra (Sizes 30DD-38DD), $50-$58, Amazon

This genius Wonderbra Perfect Plunge bra can be worn with just about any outfit, and that's because it's just so versatile. The super low plunge is great for the lowest necklines, and the straps can be crossed or removed entirely for strapless tops. It's also got a thin, low back if you want to show your skin.

Finally, A Sports Bra With No Bounce At All

New Balance The Shockingly Unshocking Sports Bra (Sizes 32C-44D), $32-$54, Amazon

If you've got a bigger bust, it can actually hurt to exercise. The New Balance The Shockingly Unshocking sports bra has thick straps, an internal front frame, molded cups, and compression mesh to keep you supported. That being said, it's also super breathable and quick-drying. "I'm a 36 DD and it's so comfortable," said one reviewer. "There's absolutely no bounce at all. I run, do HIIT, and strength train, and it's perfect for all of those."

This Bamboo Bra That's Odor-Resistant And Wicks Away Sweat

Floral Lace Bamboo Bralette (Sizes S-XL), $10-$19, Amazon

This weird but super useful floral lace bralette is made from a combination of cotton and bamboo fabric. That means that it's extremely soft, breathable, and resistant to odors, making it one of the best bras for exercise and sleeping.

This Strapless And Backless Bra That Supports Larger Breasts For Hours

Oolala Plus Size Backless Pushup Bra (Sizes 1Plus-5Plus), $25-$30, Amazon

People are flipping over the Oolala Plus Size backless pushup bra. It uses sticky hypoallergenic panels on the side to lift and support your chest for up to ten hours, and it even works for plunging necklines. One reviewer said, "I am so happy and excited to have finally found a backless strapless bra in MY size and not only that; it actually LIFTS and HOLDS my 36-38DDs."

Insane Support Without Wires Or Pads? Yep, It's Possible

WingsLove Non Padded Wire-Free Bra (Sizes 36B-48DDD), $9-$30, Amazon

How could a bra without padding or wires possibly shape and support you? Well, the WingsLove Non Padded Wire-Free Bra does a wonderful job with its full coverage, multiple panels, and stretchy stitching. "It looks very elegant, is very well-made, and is VERY comfortable," wrote one reviewer. "My only regret is that I didn't get one in each color."

Improve Your Posture With This Carefully Designed Bra

Comfort Choice Plus Size Longline Posture Bra (Sizes 38DD-54DD), $37-$41, Amazon

This genius Comfort Choice plus size longline bra actually supports your back and improves your posture while you wear it. It's got crosscross back bands, wide straps, and a long reinforced design to keep your spine straight and your torso comfortable.

Customize Your Bust Size With This Pocketed Bra

Intimate Portal Gardenia Lace Pocket Bra (Sizes S-XXL), $13-$18, Amazon

Not only is the Intimate Portal Gardenia lace bra incredibly comfortable, attractive, and offers support without wires, but it has side pockets, so you can insert your favorite removable pads. This means a totally customizable bra with tons of padding when you want it and none when you don't.

This Time-Saving Bra For Breast Feeding Moms

Simple Wishes Hands Free Breastpump Bra (Sizes XS-XL), $32, Amazon

If you're breastfeeding, the Simple Wishes hands free breastpump bra ensures that you can work on other tasks while pumping. It's really comfortable and totally adjustable with a Velcro back, so it fits your body and saves you loads of time during the day.

A Discreet Bra With A Clear Back

Capezio Women's Seamless Clear Back Bra (Sizes XS-XL), $24-$26, Amazon

If you're looking for a bra that's extremely discreet underneath all your clothes, look no further than the Capezio seamless bra. It's got a clear strap back, no seams, adjustable clear and nude straps, and a ton of support despite how stretchy and comfortable the material is.

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