Every Reader Needs One Of These Bookish Notebooks

by Julia Seales

I'm a self-proclaimed bookworm, which means, naturally that I hoard books. I fill up shelves with stacks of novels, pile them up along the walls when I run out of shelf space, and basically fill any available nook and cranny with my library. It’s safe to say that I can’t be trusted in any bookstore, because I’ll leave with my arms full with books that I definitely have no space for.

Somehow, this impulse to buy every book in my sight extends to notebooks. Readers are often writers, so it makes sense that book-lovers also adore notebooks. After all, once we read everything we can get our hands on, we sometimes start writing our own stories, too.

There are plenty of beautiful notebooks out there with plain covers. What matters is what’s on the page, not the cover, right? After all, if you don’t judge books by their covers, you shouldn’t judge notebook content by the cover, either. That being said, if you have a choice between a plain notebook or a pretty one — you’re going to choose the pretty one. And lit-lovers are in luck, because there are some gorgeous literary notebooks that every reader will want to add to their shopping cart.


Mr. Rochester Notebook

badbooks on Etsy

Jane Eyre fans: carry Mr. Rochester with you, with this great mini notebook. It will transfix you... quite.

Mr. Rochester Notebook, $6.30, badbooks on Etsy


Lord of the Rings Wanderer Notebook

WeTheSciencey on Etsy

Tuck this journal into your purse as you wander Middle Earth.

LOTR Wanderer Notebook, $9, WeTheSciencey on Etsy


Anne of Green Gables Notebook

Channel the cheery Anne of Green Gables with this small notebook, lettered with a quote by Anne (with an "e") herself.

Anne of Green Gables Notebook, $12.50, GraceNotesLettering on Etsy


Harry Potter Minimalist Notebook

All you need to remind yourself of the boy who lived is a drawing of glasses, and the iconic lightning bolt scar. The rest of the magic in this journal is up to you.

HP Minimalist Notebook, $5.95, LegacyMemories on Etsy


Book Cover Notebook

Storybook Journals on Etsy has a great selection of notebooks made from repurposed books.

Book Cover Notebook, $22, StorybookJournals on Etsy


Alice In Wonderland Notebook

Jot down any curious observations you have in this Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-inspired notebook. It's small enough to fit with you when you fall down the rabbit hole, too.

Alice in Wonderland Notebook, $15, IceyDesigns on Etsy


Virginia Woolf Notebook

This Virginia Woolf quote from A Room of One's Own will inspire you as you let your mind wander wherever it can go.

Virginia Woolf Notebook, $6, FlamingoRoadJournals on Etsy


Ex Libris Journal

TangleCrafts on Etsy

This journal is made to look like an authentic library check-out card — what could be better?

Logophile Notebook, $5.35, TangleCrafts on Etsy


Pemberley Notebook

I mean — who wouldn't rather be living in Mr. Darcy's charmed estate?

I'd Rather Be At Pemberley, $10, ParamoreArtWorks on Etsy


Edgar Allen Poe Notebook

Get inspired to write your spookiest horror tales with this adorable Edgar Allen Poe notebook.

Recycled Notebook, $8.22, amebaverde on Etsy


Oscar Wilde Notebook

Perhaps Oscar Wilde's quick wit will motivate you to pen your own great work of literature.

Oscar Wilde Notebook, $10.70, betsyjarvis on Etsy