11 Carrie Bradshaw Outfits That Are Back In Style


Watching Sex and the City, the outfits are just as entertaining as the relationship drama and dirty puns. Even the terrible outfits are good, seeing how they throw caution to the wind and just have fun with bargain basement finds and couture. But there are some Carrie Bradshaw outfits from Sex and the City that are totally back in style, and will have you itching to recreate them in your own closet. If you think back through all the seasons and happen to recall a few really bad pieces that really stick out — like that one time Bradshaw wore a belt on her midriff, or mis-buttoned a blouse and just rolled with it — that statement might sound like a lot. While fanny packs might be back in, Bradshaw is notorious for some pretty out-there outfits that no millennial would be itching to try out. But among the rough looks are some complete gems, and they represent the best of the early Noughties.

From mesh tops that let your bra take center stage to floral bomber jackets that would totally work in the here and now, Bradshaw had some shining moments. Ahead are all the Sex and the City looks that are totally back in style.


The Mesh Top


From sheer tops that you pop over tanks and slips to straight-up mesh with palm tree pasties on the nipples, mesh tops and dresses are very in now. And it appears like Carrie was ahead of the curve with her sleek white tank and bustier bra. 10/10, would wear this for dinner with friends.


The High-Low Textured Dress


While Samantha is looking absolutely fabulous in her Bratz Dolls inspired ensemble, Carrie also deserves some credit in her high-low dress. While it has the potential to look like a simple watercolor floral dress — and those are always in style since they're so mellow — the details that really bring it into 2017 are the ruffles. Specifically the unexpected flounce across her rib-cage, which gives the dress a kind of deconstructed, almost unfinished feel. And from Yara Shahidi wearing something similar to the BET Awards this year, that look is very much in.


The Tulle Fantasy In Paris


A person's eyes could roll back into their head when viewing this tulle masterpiece, that's how beautiful it is. And since it's a couture dream with its rosettes and delicate layers of skirt, this baby will forever be timeless and in style.


The Clashing Textures


Nowadays we're all about those clashing textures, and Bradshaw executes it perfectly in this look by mixing fur and crocodile print together. Some other combos that would work in present day is combining lace with leather, fur with suede, or suede with leather — and keep it all faux to save our animals.


A Vintage Tassel Look


This is the look Carrie wore when she accompanied Charlotte to the opera, and a 1920s throwback is always in vogue. It's been nearly a hundred years and we're still wearing garcon silhouettes and Gilded Age bead-work, so really the style is timeless. From the shimmying tassels to the floral bead-work that mimics Old World lace, this shift is a beaut.


The Simple Bubble Gum Pink Shift


We're all about minimalism in this era, so Bradshaw's sleek dress could easily be found in any person's closet right now. But what really bumps it up a notch is its electric pink color — especially during the summer time, we love our look-at-me hues!


The Sporty-Sleek Look


If it's one thing most people love doing in 2017, it's contrasting opposing looks. And there's nothing more chic than taking traditionally feminine pieces and giving them a sporty twist. Bradshaw's dress here could be tagged as rather girly — from the midi length to the A-line skirt — but it has a decidedly sporty element to it with the racer-stripe-like detailing and the slip-on sandals. All we would do presently is switch out the lilac sandals for Puma sliders and we would be good to go.


The Textured Bomber Jacket


People are all about the bomber jackets, especially when they have a sartorial twist to them like textures or patterns. Bradshaw's rosette piece looks just like anything you'd find in a fast fashion store nowadays, and she especially dresses it up flawlessly by pairing it with a white mini. Very chic.


The Dramatic Mini With Dramatic Accents


Present day, fashion lovers love small, vintage-inspired accents, so this dress that vaguely winks back to the '70s is perfect. The silhouette is modest and streamlined but the flowy, sheer sleeves give some disco-era drama. Then the heavy gold chains bring it right back into the new millennium.


The Evening Skirt With The T-Shirt

Warner Bros

Okay, I'm in no way saying that a Dior ensemble is super relatable to all of us, but the way she mixed an evening skirt with a t-shirt is. It's super fun now to clash upscale evening wear with casual basics — like tees and tanks — for an interesting and creative juxtaposition.


The Colorful Outerwear


While a black coat definitely does the trick during winter, the smattering of colorful and patterned outerwear pieces on trains and buses are always a welcome change. Bradshaw's powder blue number looks just like the colors J Crew is famous for during the chillier months, which range from bright yellow to aquamarine.

While Bradshaw definitely has some questionable (albeit fun!) pieces throughout her wardrobe, she still definitely has some looks that translate seamlessly into today. Now all that's left to do is to copy them!