11 Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs, Even Though They Are Cats

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I'm sure if you asked most cats to sit and stay, they'd somehow roll their eyes at you, and possibly even hiss at your demand. Then, of course, they'd strut off and do their own, independent thing. Cats, as a species, get the reputation that they aren't sources of unconditional love like their canine counterparts because they're far more blasé than dogs. However, this couldn't be further from the truth — cats are sources of unconditional love, most breeds just don't show it in the same way dogs do. That said, if you're a cat person who admires your average pup's excitable nature, there are a number of cat breeds that basically act like dogs. Believe it or not, there are the kind of cats that will cherish your belly rubs just as much as Fido would.

If you're a cat person with a soft spot for a dog's demeanor, prepare yourself for the best of both worlds. Feline and canines collide into a house cat that maybe can sit and stay. A cat that actually wants to cuddle into your curl. A cat that will possibly entertain your idea to put a harness on it and walk it down the sidewalk, but let's not get ahead of ourselves there.

All cats, of course, are capable of love. Even the kind that are fiercely, maybe even terrifyingly independent. If you want a cat that cuddles and a cat that is a purrfect addition to the family, there are multiple breeds that'll suit your friendly pet needs.