11 Cat Halloween Costumes Your Pet Won't Hate

Despite the fact that people like to dress up as cats on Halloween, cats don't really give a damn about the holiday. Quite frankly, cats don't really give a damn about much at all. So if you plan on dressing your cat up on Halloween this year, you'll want to find the least encumbering thing out there. Essentially, you'll want to find the most minimalistic, least invasive cat Halloween costumes that your pet won't hate. Or at least if they do hate it, they won't hold it against you forever.

While all cats are different, I have yet to meet a cat that likes to wear clothes. It's not so much the clothes themselves as it is that amount of attention that putting clothes on a cat requires. Cats aren't interested in being in the spotlight, they don't like their legs to be touched too much and generally they like to be left alone. So if you're going to dress your cat up, you'e going to need a costume that's super easy to put on and that won't feel bothersome. Basically if there's any question that the costume might be too much for the cat, don't put it on the cat.

Here I've put together a list of cat costumes that are really basic and won't take more than a few seconds to put on.

Cat Bunny

Cat Bunny Ears


Nothing like a grumpy cat in a pair of plush happy bunny ears. Soften your cat's look with this super easy costume.

Bat Cat

Bat Wings Cat Costume


Bat cat is an easy costume to accomplish and creates a mythologic creature that should already exist.

Hot Hat Cat

Pet Top Hat


I mean, c'mon on. This kitten doing a Charlie Chaplin impression is everything. Get this hat for your cat to wear on Halloween, but also maybe everyday thereafter, too.

The Lion Cat

Cat Lion Costume


I love this costume because it's just one simple piece but instantly turns your house cat into a jungle cat.


Unicorn Cat Costume


If your cat is a unicorn at heart, let them act out their true colors with this beautiful unicorn head piece. It's soft, east to fasten and creates an epic look.

Cat Cow

Cow Cat Costume


This plush headpiece looks really ornate, but it's totally uncomplicated and easy to put on.

Cowboy Cat

Cat Costume Western


If this western cat costume looks like something you yourself would wear to the flea market on Sunday, go for a twinsie vibe together.

Circus Cat

Pet Clown Hat


If your cat has a silly personality, dress them up in this classic clown costume. It's two pieces but both should be relatively simple to put on. At the very least, you'll be able to keep it on your cat long enough to snap a picture.

Dapper Cat

Halloween Cat Bow Tie


This costume is perhaps the easiest way to get your cat looking festive without subjecting them to the stress of dressing them up. This bow tie won't feel much different than your cat's ever-day collar.

Horse Cat

Kitty-Up Cat Costume


The best part about this costume is that your cat has no idea how ridiculous it looks. If your cat is cool with wearing a harness, this costume won't bother them much.

Cheesy Pizza Cat Costume


If pizza is life, dress your cat up as a cheesy slice with this simple over-the-head costume. It's one piece and will instantly make your cat the most popular pet at the party.