11 Cat-Themed Home Decorations That Aren't Tacky

Courtesy of Brands

As cute as some of the cat-themed home decorations on the internet are, much of the viral decor revolves around Man's Best Friend. I love dogs, but personally, if I'm going to keep an animal in my apartment, it had better be a cat. Cats take care of themselves, but dogs are needy little monsters, and I am far too busy spending all my time marathoning Weeds to pay attention to anyone who isn't me. Cats barely need you, and if they could operate can openers, they wouldn't need you at all. So, as a self-proclaimed cat person, I present to you a slew of adorable cat-themed things you can buy for your adult space that aren’t tacky (not that I really think any individual cat decor is tacky, but I have been in a few frightening cat people apartments, and, folks, there is such a thing as too many kitten pillows).

Still, there are plenty of tasteful cat accoutrements out there that will complement any home, even if your only pet is the bashful mouse that lives under your radiator and comes out whenever your landlord forgets to turn on the heat. Here are a few of my favorites:

Cat Beanbag

Cat Faux-Fur Critter beanbag slip, $139-$245, PBTeen

I understand that this is on PBTeen's site, not Pottery Barn proper's, which means, in theory, that this spectacular beanbag chair is not intended for full grown adults. But if I had $139 laying around, you better believe I'd get this plump little baby and throw out my couch. I LOVE YOU, CHAIR WHISKERS!!!

Party Cat Wine Glasses

Party Cats Painted Stemless Wine Set, $27.96, Pier 1 Imports

The best kind of cat is the one that judges you silently when you drink too much, and who among us wouldn't that cat painted to the very container that caused you to pour their dry food in your cereal bowl? These cats come wearing glasses, hats, tiaras, and other fun accessories, and you can put wine inside them! A present for all, but mostly for me.

'The Cats Have Been Fed' Wall Hanging

"The Cats Have Been Fed" Wall Decor, $1.14, Etsy

My favorite thing about cats is that they generally only care about you when they want something, like food. I also only communicate with people when I want something, like food. This wall hanging speaks to me on a deeply personal level.

Cat Key Holder

Cat Key Holder, $22.99, Etsy

This cute cat silhouette key holder will keep you from losing your keys in your own room, thus making it much easier for you to escape your home when the kitty litter feels too overpowering. It can also double as a leash holder, should you care to leash your cat like a monster.

Wood Cat Clock

Cat Clock, $20.95, Etsy

This charming wood cat clock comes in your choice of cherry, oak, walnut, zebrawood, cedar, or mahogany wood, and features a quartz clock insert. Plus, it's cute as heck.

Kit-Tea Cat Tea infuser

Kit-Tea Cat Tea Infuser, $48, Meowingtons

This tea infuser is one of the most delightfully ridiculous things I've ever seen, and I must have one immediately. Stick a teabag inside the little fish, and hot water, and you've got tea, right in the belly of a cat.

Cat Light Switch Sticker

Cat Light Switch Sticker, $15.90, Meowingtons

For a subtle piece of kitty decor, consider this cute little cat light switch sticker, in which a feisty feline digs its claws directly into your switch plate, just as a real cat would to all of your electrical appliances.

Skates and Kittens Accent Rug

Skates and Kittens Accent Rug, $29.99, Target

I'm not sure I feel comfortable stomping all over these sweet little kitties' faces, but I would very much like to look at them all day, so it's a tough call. THEY ARE ALMOST AS SMALL AS THE POMPOMS.

Cat Note Dispenser

Cat Post-It Note Dispenser, $14.95, Amazon

My old roommate had a Post-It note dispenser shaped like a hedgehog, and it was one of my favorite things. Though this cat isn't quite as spikily adorable as a hedgehog, it'll do.

Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker

Calico Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker Set, $13.67, Amazon

This salt and pepper shaker set and decorative holder is part adorable, part slightly frightening. It is exactly my brand, and every cat's. I love it. Buy it for me now.

Cat Throw Pillow Cover

Cool Dream Home Decor Orange Cat Throw Pillow Cover, $3.79, Amazon

There are a lot of cat throw pillow covers out there on the Interwebz, and though some are cute, others look like something you'd find in the home of a serial killer. But this timeless piece is fairly simple, and I like it. You should also like it. Okay?