11 Cheap & Funny Holiday 2018 Gifts For Your Dad That He’ll Genuinely Like

Dad Brand

Holiday shopping for dads can be a difficult feat. If you have a dad like mine, for instance, it's hard to shop for him because he simply doesn't want anything, except for something ridiculous like a tractor or a new roof. Alternatively, if you have a dad who is very particular, shopping for him is like running through a landmine, as the wrong gift could totally set him off. To avoid the stress of gifting picky and indifferent dads alike, I've come up with a list of cheap and funny holiday gifts for your dad, because if you can't wow him with something impressive, at least you can make him laugh.

Leave the heavy lifting to someone else in the family and get your dad something that's not hard to find, that's not too expensive and that he won't be expecting. A surprise silly gift comes with no expectations, so you won't have to lament a purchase that goes under appreciated, or a waste of time. And hey, sometimes a laugh is more valuable than a massage chair or cable knit sweater. Get the holidays off to a good start with a gift that makes your dad smile.

A Funny Wine Glass

BarConic Because Kids Stemless Wine Glass



It's self explanatory, but it's extra funny coming from you. It's sort of a passive apology for all that you put your father through, but funny.

A Funny Book

Crap Taxidermy Hardcover



This book is literally a collection of images of taxidermy gone wrong. Enjoy flipping through it and cringing with your dad over the holidays.

A Dad Joke Guide

Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes (Volume 1)



Celebrate your dad's sense of humor with a book that does just the same. The term "terribly good" sets the standard pretty high, so be prepared to be impressed.

A Funny Blankie

Batman Snuggie



If you're dad is a couch potato with an affinity for superhero movies, it will be hard for him not to love this.

A Self Important Candle

Saint Yourself Candle



If your dad has a good sense of humor, and also maybe a sense of extra importance around the house, give him the tongue and cheek saint candle he deserves!

A Funny Spoon

Dad's Ice Cream Spoon



If your dad loves ice cream more than anything else, this spoon will make him laugh, but he'll also totally get some good use out of it.

A Funny Tool

Dad Hammer



It's a gag, in that your dad probably already has a really great hammer from a hardware store, but hey, it is a real hammer so if he wants to use it, he can. So in one sense, this is a practical gift!

A Funny Hat

Pretty Good Hat


Dad Brand Apparel

This nod to Larry David is such a good gift, you'll want one for yourself. I know this, because I already ordered one for me and one for dad.

A Funny Charger

Wireless Lightening Charger


Uncommon Goods

If your dad isn't great with technology, or doesn't like the look of it, or simply has a Ron Swanson vibe about him, he'll appreciate this wood charger that actually works.

A Funny-ish Journal

Journal: What I Love About Dad


Off The Wagon Gifts

This gift is actually really sweet. It's only funny because it's coming from you, an adult, and not a child. Though something tells me that if you're inclined to get this gift for your dad, you're going to fill the pages with some thing worth laughing about.

A Funny Eye Glasses Holder

Eye Glasses Holder


Uncommon Goods

This gift is quirky and funny, but it's also totally useful. Your dad will definitely find a silly surface to set this little eye glasses station up on.