11 Cheap & Funny Gift Ideas For Your Dad That He’ll Actually Like

Dad Brand

Holiday shopping for dads can be a difficult feat. If you have a dad like mine, for instance, it's hard to shop for him because he simply doesn't want anything, except for something ridiculous like a tractor or a new roof. Alternatively, if you have a dad who is very particular, shopping for him is like running through a landmine, as the wrong gift could totally set him off. To avoid the stress of gifting picky and indifferent dads alike, I've come up with a list of cheap and funny holiday gifts for your dad, because if you can't wow him with something impressive, at least you can make him laugh.

Leave the heavy lifting to someone else in the family and get your dad something that's not hard to find, that's not too expensive and that he won't be expecting. A surprise silly gift comes with no expectations, so you won't have to lament a purchase that goes under appreciated, or a waste of time. And hey, sometimes a laugh is more valuable than a massage chair or cable knit sweater. Get the holidays off to a good start with a gift that makes your dad smile.

A Funny Wine Glass

A Funny Book

A Dad Joke Guide

A Funny Blankie

A Self Important Candle

A Funny Spoon

A Funny Tool

A Funny Hat

A Funny Charger

A Funny-ish Journal

A Funny Eye Glasses Holder