26 Useful Gifts For Practical Dads That They’ll Actually Want

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Father's day is quickly approaching. Odds are that the older you get, the more you realize that his mug and tie collection (the one you've been contributing to every year) might be a bit excessive by now. He's only got one neck, guys. It's time to consider useful gifts for practical men that they'll actually want. No worries — he's still the world's #1 Dad, and the whole office still knows it even without a new wooden plaque for his desk.

Over the past few years, I've dedicated a board on Pinterest to gifts for the people in my life. Whenever they mention that they need or want something, I find it and pin it for future reference. (There's nothing worse than coming up quick on a holiday only to vaguely recall that they wanted something, but you're totally blanking as to what it was.)

Since I've been doing that, I've noticed a steady trend throughout the gifts I pin for my dad: They're always insanely practical. Every year, he mentions products that he can use on a daily basis to save space, make things a little more comfortable, and get stuff done. If you're looking for a gift for dad, but you're trying really hard not to fall back on fishing rods and grill mats, check out these unique gift ideas that he can actually use.

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