26 Useful Gifts For Practical Dads That They’ll Actually Want

Father's day is quickly approaching. Odds are that the older you get, the more you realize that his mug and tie collection (the one you've been contributing to every year) might be a bit excessive by now. He's only got one neck, guys. It's time to consider useful gifts for practical men that they'll actually want. No worries — he's still the world's #1 Dad, and the whole office still knows it even without a new wooden plaque for his desk.

Over the past few years, I've dedicated a board on Pinterest to gifts for the people in my life. Whenever they mention that they need or want something, I find it and pin it for future reference. (There's nothing worse than coming up quick on a holiday only to vaguely recall that they wanted something, but you're totally blanking as to what it was.)

Since I've been doing that, I've noticed a steady trend throughout the gifts I pin for my dad: They're always insanely practical. Every year, he mentions products that he can use on a daily basis to save space, make things a little more comfortable, and get stuff done. If you're looking for a gift for dad, but you're trying really hard not to fall back on fishing rods and grill mats, check out these unique gift ideas that he can actually use.

1. This Brilliant Phone Charger That Backs Up Your Contacts And Photos Every Time You Use It

MEEM Memory iPhone Charger, $70, Amazon

If he's got an iPhone, he probably gets the storage almost full message on a weekly basis. The MEEM Memory is an iPhone charger that backs up all his pictures, contacts, and dates every time he charges it, without fees and without the cloud. You can sync it to new devices, and there's even a version for Androids.


2. These Batteries That Recharge In Any USB Port

Smartoools AA Rechargeable Batteries, $10, Amazon

Help him save money, waste, and energy with these Smartoools AA rechargeable batteries. They use a micro-USB port inside each battery to recharge up to 500 times without losing power. They fit in all his AA-requiring electronics, and reviewers say they're great for electric toothbrushes, video game controllers, and computer mice.


3. These All Natural Air Fresheners For Everything From His Car To His Shoes

RejuvenAir Bamboo Charcoal Fresheners, $23 (5 Pack), Amazon

Chemical-free and really effective, this five pack of RejuvenAir fresheners uses activated bamboo charcoal to soak up odors and moisture wherever you put them. They come in three different sizes to freshen up everything from his car to his shoes, and you can reuse them if you just put them in the sun for an hour. "These are great!" says one buyer. "This stuff is so amazing. I’ve never had a deodorizer work so effectively so fast before ever. I will order more ASAP So to keep even more freshness in my home. I am so amazed how well this worked. I keep my trash in a lower cupboard in my kitchen and it was garbage stinky. After 10 minutes - no stink. [...] I’m awestruck."


4. This Glove That Removes Grime, Food, And Residue

Hyde Cleaning Glove, $7, Amazon

The Hyde cleaning glove saves his time and his hands with its durable material. It effectively removes grime, paint, and residue from his tools using nothing but soap and water, and it does so without any harsh chemicals whatsoever. Reviewers also use it for cleaning the shower, washing the dishes, and keeping the cabinets spotless.


5. This Himalayan Salt Cooking Block For The Chef In The Family

Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank, $30, Amazon

This hand-carved Himalayan salt BBQ plank is great for serving, cooking, and flavoring food like a professional chef. The stable crystal structure holds a temperature well, and the mineral content gives a much more nuanced flavor than table salt. It's also naturally antibacterial, so a quick wipe and it's ready for his next meal.


6. This Hammock For His Feet

VITLIX Foot Hammock, $20, Amazon

Whether he spends a ton of time at his desk or he likes to put his feet up while he reads, the VITLIX foot hammock is the answer. It's made from durable and comfortable cotton material for complete leg support, it takes less than a minute to set up, and it's compatible with most desks. "My husband works from home a lot and uses a computer desk along with a computer chair. This foot hammock was a great surprise for him. I installed it one day and when he saw it he was amazed with how much more comfortable and relaxing it is to sit all day long now," says one reviewer.


7. This Phone Charger That Doubles As A Car Locator

nonda App Enabled Quick Charger, $14, Amazon

Not only does the nonda Quick Charger have two blazing fast USB ports to charge your phone in the car; it also has a tracking device in it so you can find your vehicle in a busy parking lot. Just open up the app and follow it to your car, and it has other great features like a car battery monitor, a parking meter alarm, and a mileage tracker.


8. This Beard Stencil For The Perfect Trim, Every Time

AMTOK Beard Shaping Tool, $10, Amazon

Simple yet insanely useful, the AMTOK beard shaping tool helps him get the perfect beard, goatee, sideburns, and neckline every time. It's made from flexible and transparent material, has two attached combs, and symmetry measurement indicators to make the whole process effortless, and even professional barbers say it's a must-have for grooming facial hair.


9. This Small But Powerful Battery That Can Jump Start A Car

Aickar Car Jump Starter, $50, Amazon

Not only is this Aickar car jump starter an incredibly portable and convenient solution when your car battery dies in the middle of nowhere; it can also be used to charge your phone in a pinch or shine a light under the hood. It has built-in safety protection as well as a one year warranty, and reviewers are saying "I can't believe it is so powerful being so small."


10. A Tiny Utility Knife That Clips Right On To His Zipper

GERBER GDC Zip Blade, $9, Amazon

The GERBER GDC Zip Blade clips right onto the zipper of his favorite jacket or backpack, but it's actually a durable and super portable utility knife. The fine edge blade flips out when you need it, and has a frame lock for safety when you don't. There's also a clip for quick release.


11. This Sleek Bottle-Opener That Magnetizes To The Fridge

SUCK UK Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet, $15, Amazon

Forget digging through a drawer to find a bottle opener. Save your dad time and frustration with this sleek bottle-opener that attaches right to the front of the fridge via a super-strong magnet. Available in three finishes red, white, and chrome (pictured).


12. This Tablet Mount That Makes Tablet Access Easy

2-in-1 Kitchen Mount Stand, $29, Amazon

Mount this tablet stand to the bedroom wall, under the kitchen cabinet, or set it up on a desk for easy access to apps and videos. It's easily adjustable to fit a variety of tablets including a range of iPads, the Surface Pro, and the Nintendo Switch. Plus, it comes with two mounts and a standing base so you set it up in multiple locations around the house.


13. This Acupressure Foot Mat To Reduce Pain And Improve Circulation

Acupressure Therapy Foot Mat, $20, Amazon

With 1,594 total micro acupoints, the Acupressure Therapy foot mat stimulates pressure points in your feet to improve circulation, restore energy levels, and reduce aches and pains. Dad can stand on it while he gets ready or washes dishes, or use it while watching TV or working. It also has built in therapeutic magnets, and reviewers are saying things like, "Great product! I bought this for my elderly father who's been using it daily and loves it."


14. This Genius Multi-Tool That Doubles As A Belt Buckle

Wearable Belt Buckle Multi-Tool, $60, Amazon

This wearable multi-tool has everything your dad needs to save the day, including pliers and a utility knife. When it's not in use, it folds up into a square that doubles as a belt-buckle. It fits belts up to 1-3/8" wide, and it stays locked and secure until you need it.


15. These Stretchy Covers That Keep Food Fresh

Food Huggers, $8, Amazon

Whether he's trying to cut down on plastic wrap or can never find the right sized cover, Food Huggers can help. They're stretchy BPA-free silicone covers that keep open or previously cut food extra fresh. They come in four different sizes, fit cups and jars as well as sliced fruit and veggies, and are dust-proof, dishwasher safe, high temperature resistant, reusable, and environment friendly.


16. A Full Cup Of Coffee In A Delicious Chew

Dry Brew Coffee Chews, $18, Amazon

Give him the gift of coffee on the go with Dry Brew Coffee Chews. There are six fluid ounces of medium roast coffee condensed into each coffee chew, and they're made with real ingredients like non-dairy creamer and a zero-calorie sweetener. Best of all, they contain the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup, so he can get a quick boost anywhere.


17. This Epic Beer Pong Table For The Pool

Aqua-Pong Beer Pong Table, $30, Amazon

With built-in cup holders, a durable and stable construction, and a built-in cooler, this Aqua-Pong beer pong table makes an awesome addition to any pool. The board's large enough to make the game challenging, and it has handles so you can tie it up or move it around. "This is a fantastic addition for any pool party!" says one reviewer.


18. This "Pen" That Scan Sentences, Translates Foreign Words, And Reads Text Aloud

Scanmarker Air Digital Highlighter, $99, Amazon

Just slide the Scanmarker Air digital highlighter across text to instantly create summaries on your phone, tablet, or computer. This thing also reads text aloud for you as well as translates different languages, and it's an awesome gift for students or professionals. "I LOVE this product!" says one reviewer. "I am doing graduate studies and find that I can copy notes straight from books and articles into Zotero or Word or on my iPhone."


19. This Tiny Camera That He Can Hide In Plain Sight

Corprit Mini Hidden Screw Camera, $16, Amazon

If your dad's a secret agent or just a fan of safety, he'll love the Corprit mini hidden screw camera. It has the size and appearance of a screw, but it records video and pictures in HD quality, day or night. It's also lightweight, uses minimal power, and can be hidden in plain sight. "Did not know what to expect from this camera at such a low price, but it is an excellent value and works better than expected," says one reviewer. "Nice dynamic range and good in low lighting pretty well. Colors are true and the image is good for realistic view."


20. This Tray Table For The Dad Who Spends A Ton Of Time In The Car

Steering Wheel Tray, $12, Amazon

For the dad who's constantly on the road, there's this handy steering wheel tray. It's super light to carry, but turns just about any steering wheel into a sturdy surface for your lunch or laptop. It's even got a place for your beverage, and reviewers are saying things like, "My work truck is my office; this thing makes eating and writing so much easier."


21. This Extremely Portable Humidifier (That Looks Like A Cowboy Hat)

KANGVO Cowboy Cap Humidifier, $11, Amazon

Great for nasal issues, headaches, dry eyes, and freshening up the air, the KANGVO Cowboy Cap is a quick, cute, and efficient way to humidify the air in his space. It pulls moisture from cups or water bottles, plugs right into any USB port, and is super easy to travel with.


22. This Rechargeable Lighter Without A Flame

Tesla Coil Lighters, $14, Amazon

These Tesla coil lighters don't use any butane. Instead they light your candles and cigarettes using electricity, and they're entirely rechargeable. Simply plug them into a USB port for a while and they're good for up to a week. They also won't blow out due to wind, and you can hold them entirely upside down without burning yourself.


23. This Counter Top Oven For All His Favorite Snack Foods

Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven, $47, Amazon

This genius kitchen gadget is called the Presto Pizzazz Plus rotating oven, and reviewers as well as Redditors are obsessing over it. The bottom tray crisps your food while the top lamp evenly warms, and it's great for pizza as well as chicken nuggets, poppers, fish fillets, egg rolls, cinnamon rolls, and cookies. It also uses way less energy than a regular oven and is super simple to clean and store.


24. These Stickers That Mask Those Blinking Lights He Can't Figure Out On The Cable Box

LightDims Black Out Edition, $8, Amazon

If your dad's always complaining about the little blinking lights on the cable box, here's the answer: LightDims Black Out Edition. They're tiny stickers that entirely cover annoying LED lights on your electronics and appliances, and the pack comes with over 100 shapes to fit everything in his room, car, and office.


25. This Egg-Cooker That Is Fool-Proof

Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker, $16, Amazon

If your dad loves eggs every which way (and he fancies himself a bit of a chef), the Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker is a unique and super useful gift. This thing can make eggs hard, medium, and soft boiled, as well as poached, scrambled, and individual omelets. All non-electric parts are dishwasher safe, and reviewers say, "I use it every morning for my omelet, and my husband uses it every few days for his hard-boiled eggs," says one reviewer. "We like it so much we bought one for my Dad — and he uses his every day!"


26. This Grilling Mat For The Grill Master

BBQ Grill Mat Non-stick Pad, $11, Amazon

This non-stick mat will seriously up your dad's grilling game. Pop it on the top of the grate to save veggies and meat from falling through the cracks and make clean-up afterward easier. That means your dad can spend less time scrubbing and more time slipping a beer.

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