11 Cheap Holiday Party Ideas You Still Have Time To Pull Off

With all the gift shopping you're doing, your bank account might start feeling a little desolate. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice throwing a grand and festive holiday party, though! There are cheap holiday 2017 party ideas that will make you wish there were nine nights of Hanukkah, 13 days of Christmas and basically 32 days in December.

The key to a successful and affordable party is collaboration. When holiday hosting falls on you this season round, you don't have to dissolve into a puddle of dread from the responsibilities hosting a party involves. You have friends, and they're here to help make everything run smoothly. Nobody wants you to overdraw from your checking account to get the decor just right. Your friends are here to bring what they can to the party. All you have to do is pick a theme, create a shareable Google spreadsheet and press send. Abundant holiday celebrations can occur this way. You won't just be serving measly peas to your guest.

Give yourself the gift of ease by calling your bestie, lighting a fir scented soy candle and getting into the spirit one cheap but good idea at a time. This will be the party of the year. People will be caroling all the way home when they leave your party and already be texting you about next year's rendezvous.

Throw A Cookie Swap

Narrow down your party theme options by being specific and dedicating the whole thing to a single course. Dessert will do just fine here. Since cookie swaps are a popular activity during the holiday season, get your friends ready to equip themselves with sugar.

Toss around recipe ideas through Pinterest or by sharing a Google Spreadsheet. That way nobody overlaps a cookie. This isn't a contest because all cookies are winners. All this party will cost you is the amount you have to put in to round up your cookie ingredients. This is guaranteed to be a good time.

Dreidel Tournament

Not all holiday parties need to be focused around a Christmas tree. And you don't have to be Jewish to tap into a Dreidel tournament. Even though you might not understand the symbols at first, you can learn how to play Dreidel real fast.

If you're unaware, the "game pieces" used in this game are typically food. Like chocolate chips or chocolate coins called gelt. It's fun, it's delicious and if everyone brings their own "game pieces" you won't have to spend much of anything to have a memorable party.

Throw A Potluck

It goes without saying that this is the best way to gather friends together. Especially if you're playing host. Scrambling together a hoard of your closest friends can become stressful. What do you cook? How much of it? Take the pressure off and enjoy your merry time.

Assign your friends a course and have them bring a dish to the table. It will not only save you money, but a headache too.

Christmas Movie Marathon

Who says gathering on the couch to watch a marathon of Christmas movies isn't a party? It can be if you want it to. Hang your christmas lights around the tree for a more festive feel and launch your Netflix for hours of the classics.

To make it more ~official~ have everyone arrive in their best holiday pajamas and nibble on cookies and big bowls of popcorn all night.

Bake Your Own Desserts Ahead of Time

The best way to insure that your party remains affordable is by being organized and ~planning~. That's what a budget is all about! If you've decided to undertake all of the desserts being served at your party, great. I know you can do it. But, just make sure you have all your ingredients beforehand. I cannot tell you how many times I began to bake a recipe and realized I didn't have something. It wastes time and money. Because I cannot tell you how many times I came back from the grocery store only to actually find that I had that ingredient in stock.

Take a few deep breaths, plan everything out like it's a blueprint for a mansion and you won't feel like you should just go buy a bunch of expensive cakes from the bakery down the street.

Shop At Your Local Salvation Army

For, like, everything from your holiday sweater to your table settings placemats. You'll find incredible silverware, dinner plates and drink-ware at your local thrift shop. Also, when you stop into a Salvation Army you have the chance to donate whatever you have to give to charity which is really the point of the season, isn't it?

Head To The Dollar Store For Crafts

Saving money can be a lot of fun. And not just because you have more funds in your bank account. Want to dress up your living room for a holiday event? You don't have to buy fancy decor from boutique shops. Gathering materials for crafting at your dollar store can save you a lot of money.

It can even be a whole party in and of itself. Invite your friends over to decorate dollar store stockings for their mantel place.

Browse Deals Online

Thankfully this is the time of year for ~savings~! Post-Thanksgiving feast retailers start posting their deals around the internet. Do a little browsing for hosting materials you might need from tabletop ware to home decor to grocery coupons. Plan accordingly from there!

Forage For Floral Arrangements

Guys, the cheapest floral arrangements on the market are outside. Literally, outside your front door. Whatever the season, the trees are producing and dropping some serious natural and aesthetically pleasing decor. Look out for branches and pine cones. Collect an abundance of evergreen leaves and juniper berries. Arrange all of the outdoors natural ~art~ for your center pieces and wow your guest list with a work of true beauty that cost approximately $0.

The bonus to your forage is that you get to enjoy a nature walk.

Use Candles As Your Light

Okay, yes, you can turn on as many lights as you want to this isn't 1762. But, I'm just saying, energy bills stack up during this time of year between the Christmas lights and the heating system. Lighting candles will set a certain mood to the party and save you some serious cash.

Whenever I've thrown a holiday party I always go this route, while also leaving a dimmer on, and it's a great way to get people in the partying zone.

Bring Your Own Cocktails

OK, so nobody has to show up with an actual filled to the brim martini glass in hand. You can set up a bar with what you have in stock, but shouldn't feel the need to go out and spend a hundred dollars on mixers. Have your friends come armed with the components of their favorite cocktail. The party will stay festive while being affordable.

Do I get an invite? Happy hosting!