Disney Has A Ton Of Christmas Merch — Here Are 11 Things You Can Already Buy

by Megan Grant

It's summer, which — in retail language — means that it's almost Christmas, so let's just not bother with fall at all and look at these 11 Christmas Disney things you can already buy online at shopDisney. We're not very good at waiting. I blame social media. Instant gratification is a "thing" these days, and whatever we want, we want it yesterday. That must be why I'm already putting up my Halloween decorations.

OK, fine. I never took them down last year to begin with.

There's no Christmas like a Disney Christmas, and what better what to blow so much of your paycheck that you can't afford to eat than by spending it on Disney decor that will be *perfect* for the holidays? Disney and the holidays go together like peanut butter and jelly, like macaroni and cheese, like your mother-in-law and wanting to stick your head in the oven. It's probably a nostalgic thing — both Disney and Christmas tend to take us back to our youth, when things were so much simpler. And just, you know, better in almost every way.

If you're still the biggest Disney fan and you're ready to prep for the holidays, here are 11 things you can already buy.


Rapunzel Ornament

Disney has already released a slew of ornaments for 2019, but Disney Princess fans will be excited to know that a bunch of Sketchbook Ornaments have also just hit the site, featuring all of their favorite royalty in shimmering dresses.


Mickey Mouse Plush Bean Bag

Your bed could use another stuffed Disney character, right? This Mickey plush is ready for the chilly December weather with his fuzzy fleece hat, and he looks pretty dashing, if you ask me.


Tree Topper

It's the traditional star tree topper but with a Disney twist. This season, invite Mickey and Minnie to stand atop your Christmas tree.



You're going to need something festive to drink your hot chocolate out of this year. Mickey and Minnie are taking over Santa's sleigh, handing out presents to all the kiddies.


Luggage Tag

Tell everyone else at baggage claim to step back. This is your suitcase, and it says so right on the pink Christmas Disney luggage tag.


Throw Pillow

Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.

Bring some extra Christmas cheer and warmth to your home with a Disney throw pillow, featuring Mickey and Minnie mid-kiss while iceskating in their Christmas garb.


Tree Skirt

"But I already bought one of those cheap, ugly disposable tree skirts," you're saying. Put it away, because it's not this eye-catching, personalized, Disney-themed tree skirt, now is it?



This Disney holiday decor has your name on it — literally. Get a personalized stocking from Shop Disney that will look positively wonderful hanging from your fireplace mantel.



Having guests over this year for Christmas? Oh... no? Doesn't matter. Whether you're preparing dinner for a group of 10 or it's just going to be you and your cat, you can't go wrong with these Disney holiday plates.



I bet you thought you had too many snowglobes. You thought wrong, because there's no such thing. Add this one to your collection next.


Enchanted Rose Ornament

Have you ever seen an ornament so beautiful? When you think Beauty and the Beast, your mind most likely goes to the enchanted rose in its gorgeous glass case. Now, you can have a mini version of your own.