Disney Just Dropped An Entire Christmas Ornament Collection, This Is Not A Drill


Deck the halls with... DISNEY PRINCESSES. No, this is not your childhood dream come true — well, I guess it sort of is. The new round of Disney Christmas ornaments for 2019 has dropped on shopDisney, the home of all things Disney and also all things sad for your wallet. You're going to be spending too much on these, I guarantee it. Welcome to Christmas in July.

Whether you're a fan of the old-school Disney classics or some of their newer work, there are a lot of ornaments on offer. Some of them celebrate the big anniversaries of Disney blockbusters (who knew that The Little Mermaid was actually 30 freakin' years old?!), some of them just feature the characters you know and love. There's a range of ornament types and a range of prices, so there's sure to be something for everyone.

And the best news? It's an excuse to get your holiday shopping done early. Seriously, whether you're looking for some stocking stuffers, gifts for colleagues, or just a way to treat yo' self, then these little ornaments can do the trick. It's time to rep your favorite films during the most wonderful time of the year.

Now, there are a lot of different ornaments to choose from — whoever is running the Disney ornament department does not sleep — but, in my humble opinion, here are the ones that you just can't miss.


Bo Peep And Sheep Light-Up Sketchbook Ornament

OK, whether or not you're a big Toy Story 4 fan, it doesn't really matter — this ornament deserves a bit of recognition because it actually lights up. That's right, the lamp actually lights up, which is a pretty advanced technological move from a Christmas ornament.


Mickey Mouse Animator Sketchbook Ornament

If you like a more understated, vintage feel, then this is a great ornament option. Not only is Mickey Mouse the OG of Disney characters, the sketchbook pose is a shoutout to the early days of animation that made Disney what it is today.


Genie Sketchbook Ornament

Between the recent Aladdin remake and the fact that the Genie is not only one of the best all-time characters but also originated by the late, great Robin Williams, this one is a must-have.


Carl And Ellie Legacy Sketchbook Ornament

If you want your Christmas to have an "I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING!" moment, then the best way to do that is with this little beauty. The Carl and Ellie love story is one of the strongest in the Disney canon — even if we hardly get to see any of it. I'm welling up just thinking about it.


The Little Mermaid Legacy Sketchbook Ornament

The Little Mermaid is definitely one of the Disney pillars, so it had to earn a place on this list. Plus, this ornament features one of the best scenes and one of the best songs in the whole movie.


Enchanted Rose Light-Up Sketchbook Ornament

When I was 8, I went to go see Beauty and the Beast on Ice and they had a light-up rose — and I wanted it so much and my parents wouldn't buy it for me because I had the attention span of a goldfish. But now this exists and they can't stop me ANYMORE. That's where we're at.


Hercules And Phil Figural Ornament

Hercules is a hugely underrated Disney film (don't fight me) and this ornament is going to take you from zero to hero. Just. Like. That.

Is it Christmas in July a major part of your calendar? Well, it is now. There is an embarrassment of riches in the Disney ornament department, so time to get a jump-start on your holiday shopping. Your favorite Disney characters are waiting.