11 Cozy Harry Potter Items You Need For The Most Magical Fall Ever

Art Maker Store/Etsy; Marvibeauty/Etsy
By Kerri Jarema

Now that we're well into October, the fall season seems to finally be upon us. The days are chillier, the nights are darker, and it's the ideal time to hunker down and get cozy. Whether you love the season or are missing the dog days of summer, now is definitely the time to stock up on all of the warmest, snuggliest, prettiest items you'll need to make the very best of the Autumnal season. I'm talking fuzzy sweaters and warm slippers, spiced tea and oversized mugs, and some seriously cozy and atmospheric home decor. And while you're at it, why not add a little magic into the mix? Because, as usual, there are tons of Harry Potter items available that will fit any style, any decor, and any season.

The 11 items below bring together some of the best must-have items for all of those Autumnal nights in. Whether you're looking to throw on some warm clothes, create the ideal bathtime situation, or you just want to create the perfect sparkling atmosphere in your bedroom or living room while you sit back and watch some movies or Netflix, there is something perfectly magical and completely wizard-worthy on the list below.

A Candle That Recreates The Crackling Common Room Fire

Nothing says autumn like a flickering candle in the background. And while there are endless options out there, this Gryffindor candle can't be beat for fall feels. With notes of cocoa leaf, cinnamon swirl and log fire, you'll feel like you're sitting round the hearth in the common room with Crookshanks at your heels.

Gryffindor House Candle, $11, Happy Piranha on Etsy

A Magical Coffee Mug To Take On Your Walks Across The Grounds

You probably have about a thousand coffee mugs at home, but if you're planning to take a warm drink in hand on a morning jaunt into your backyard, onto your fire escape or even for a neighborhood walk, this one is the perfect pick. Not only will that little lid keep your coffee warm, it's beyond adorable, too.

"Revelio Coffee" Mug, $22, Lace and Twig on Etsy

Golden Sheets That Will Help You Catch Some Magical Z's

There is no better place to enjoy a rainy Autumn day than in bed. But you have by no means reached the pinnacle of magical bedroom decor if you have not grabbed a set of these gorgeous golden sheets. Feauring stars, moons, and owls, you'll never want to leave your room again.

Enchanted Night Sky Duvet Cover + Sham, $29-$139, PBteen

A Bathbomb That Sorts You While You Sit Back And Relax

It's likely you've already been sorted into your House in one of myriad ways, and have very strong feelings about your place at Hogwarts. But that doesn't mean you can't grab one of these super-cool Sorting Hat bathbombs for the ultimate cozy bathtime.

Sorting Hat Bath Bomb, $9, Slippery Suds on Etsy

A Night Light For The Ultimate In Magical Mood Lighting

Every cozy night needs some mood lighting; but even if you've already got twinkle lights strung everywhere, you can't go wrong with this gorgeous Harry Potter night light. It will fit seamlessly in with any decor and add an undeniably magical atmosphere to any night in.

Harry Potter Night Light, $40, Art Maker Store on Etsy

No Cozy Night Will Be Complete Without These Marauder's Map Slippers

The nights are definitely getting chillier, and it's time to put away those summer-time short sets and dresses and pull out the big guns when it comes to cozy loungwear: sweatpants, sweaters and some seriously chunky slippers. You can't go wrong with these Marauder's Map booties; now you can get up to no good and stay warm doing it.

Marauder's Map Slipper Boots, $22, Hot Topic

You Need Tea, So Why Not Make It Magical

Tea is made for the chillier seasons, and while it's likely that you've already got some favorites stashed can never really have too much. And these Hogwarts House blends are the perfect cozy combinations, from the earthy Rooibos and honeybush of the Gryffindor tea to the malty Slytherin black tea with notes of pistachios and cherry. Get those mugs ready, Potterheads.

Hogwarts House Blends Tea Pack, $29, The Forest Witch on Etsy

The Perfect Sweater For A Night In With Netflix And Snacks

If the only mischief you're managing to get into this fall includes a good Netflix binge and some serious snack eating, there's obviously no better outfit to wear than this sweatshirt. It's available in lots of colors, too, so you can match them to whatever style you've got going on this Autumn.

I Solemnly Swear That I Am About To Get Food Sweater, $33+, Hi City on Etsy

A Cozy Throw That Will Turn Your Couch Into A Magical Cozy Scene

These gorgeous House-themed knit throws are ideal for any fall evening in. Made with the coziest material imaginable, you'll be more than prepared for all of the cool nights ahead.

Harry Potter Knit Throw, $69, PBTeen

A Luna-Inspired Pillow For You To Lean On

Pillows aren't usually the first thing you think of when choosing some seasonal decor, but a few throw pillows are the best way to spruce up some of your old favorite sheets and duvets. This sweet pillow combines a Luna quote with a black starry sky for the coziest, cutest headrest you've ever seen.

Harry Potter Pillow, $23, W Francis Design on Etsy

Polyjuice Potion Bubbles To Transform Your Bath

If you're not the bathbomn type, you can't go wrong with these super-cool foaming bath salts. The combination of muscle relaxing epsom salts with calming lavendar essential oils and the luxurious spa foaming effect, you'll definitely want to take a good book in the bath with might be in there a while.

Polyjuice Potion Foaming Bath Salts, $18, Marvibeauty on Etsy