11 Early-2000s Halloween Party Ideas That Will Have You Feeling So Fetch

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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While everyone else is busy planning the chicest or spookiest Halloween parties, take a trip down memory lane and consider throwing your own early 2000s-themed Halloween Party. Why let the '90s take all the spotlight in the retro party theme game? By now, the 2000s are retro, and there's definitely enough nostalgia to have a party that people will love — or at least be very amused by. And most importantly, it will remind them of a time when they first started celebrating Halloween. A time when costumes were kind of a big deal, and who you went trick or treating with actually meant something, and collecting free candy from strangers was literally the only way for you to get candy at all. Ah, those were the days. How I miss having too much candy to eat for the entire month of November.

Adult Halloween is totally different. It's all about convincing high-end costumes and elegant desserts with gothic themes. And trick-or-treating is a luxury of the past. We have to buy our own candy now, and no one is impressed with a rayon super hero or Disney princess costume that came out of a plastic bag. People take Halloween all too seriously now, so change things up. Throw an ultimate throw back party and bring back the early 2000s — but just for a night, because let's be honest, we don't miss it that much. Here are a few ideas for throwing the ultimate and obvious 2000s themed party — what to eat, how to decorate, what to do and how to do it:

Goosebumps Theme

If you grew up in the 2000s, Goosebumps books were probably a big part of your life. You had a love/hate relationship with the books that were easy to read but freaked you out. Now, they're more of a novelty item. If you have a collection of them, you can use them as decorations at your Halloween Party. Place a different book at everyone's table setting, use them as coasters, spread them around the room for people to flip through, or hand them out as favors.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Marathon

You probably remember watching this show through the spaces between your fingers. It was a strange mix of cheesy and freakishly scary. Queue up a bunch of episodes and have them play on loop. They'll serve as great background noise and be entertaining at the same time.

Scary Stories Reading

Just the sight of the cover of this book brings back the spooks. Before your party, assign a few stories to your friends to read. Once everyone arrives and has had something to drink, do a reading of a super scary story.

Surprise Guest: Zeke The Plumber

Um, remember Zeke the plumber from Salute Your Shorts? Unfortunately, you probably can't forget him. He was such an iconic and random early 2000s horror fixture. Have a friend dress up in the overalls and face mask, and when people least expect it, have your friend come out and scare the hell out of your guests. Don't forget the plunger.

Mummy Contest

Remember when Brendan Fraser made us care about mummies enough to watch the movie? Get some rolls of recycled toilet paper and have your guests break off into pairs of two. Then have them compete against each other to wrap one person up entirely in the TP. Once you're done with it, make sure you find a good use for it, so as not to be wasteful. TP is great for packing, and cleaning delicate items.

2000s Trick-Or-Treat Piñata

Get an OG pinata, but fill it with the best '00s candy: Baby Bottle Pops, Pixy Stix, Gushers, War Heads, Nerds, Gobstoppers, Push Pops, Wonder Balls, Dunkaroos, and Pez.

"That's Hot" Spice Game


When Paris Hilton made this phrase popular, she wasn't talking about spices. But you can! Set up a pepper taste test for your boldest party goers. Whoever can tolerate the spiciest pepper, wins. But you know, don't forget to have plenty of milk available, and encourage your contestants to wear disposable gloves, just to be safe.

28 Days Later Themed Apocalypse Trivia Game

Do a little bit of research and write down the definitions of epic diseases and viruses that have spread throughout history. Only you will know the answers. Whoever guesses the most names, wins.

Paper Fortune Telling

Why have a real fortune teller when you can make your own 2000s style paper fortune teller? Leave out paper and Jelly Roll pens for your guests to make their own.

Lisa Frank Theme Decor

For contrast, go for a classic 2000s Lisa Frank party decor theme. It's easy to find, and will really make all the scary stuff stand out. Plus, it will totally set the era vibe.

Rice Krispies Dessert Bar

There are so many amazing things you can do with Rice Krispies treats. Cover them in chocolate, mix candy into it, put ice cream on it, roll it into shapes. Set up a dessert bar station where your guests can decorate their treats however they please.

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