22 DIY Halloween Party Ideas

If you've decided to throw your own Halloween celebration this year, there are a few decorative routes you can take — gruesomely goosebump-inducing, wizard-worthy, and whimsical, or a party that puts the "boo" in book. Whichever your thematic calling, some simple and spooky decorative touches are always appropriate, especially when they're of the homemade variety. Here are 25 DIY Halloween party ideas to transform your home into a haunted hideaway for the ultimate monster bash.

Before gathering your girls to host an all-nighter revisiting scary movies of yesteryear like The Craft, get crafty with these Halloween decor tips and set the stage for a night of fright. This season, venture beyond the requisite store-bought cobwebs and black and orange crepe streamers. Opt instead for handcrafted accents that are a bit more devilishly delightful. These creepy concoctions add a little magic to any space, and have you covered from entryway to drink tops to dinner table. The projects range from charming to spine-chilling (but mostly charming), and though always fitting to the season, some are downright beautiful (lacy spirits, sparkling candelabras, and floral crescent moons). So forgo the played out Party City haul, and add your own personal touch to your haunted house decor this year.

1. Jack-O'-Lantern Envelope Liners

Set the monster bash mood from the start by sending out your party invitations in these Jack-o'-Lantern envelopes by Studio DIY. Your friends will be surprised to find themselves in a squash stare-down and have no choice but to RSVP.

2. Spiderweb Doormat

When guests are greeted in your doorway, they'll find they've just stepped into a black widow's web. Construct this entangling entryway with the help of Delia Creates.

3. Floating Ghosts

Adorn your entrance hall, or studio ceiling, with these eerily beautiful hanging ghosts by A Beautiful Mess.

4. Masked Animals

This simple decor idea is dreadfully cute. The masked menagerie by The Merry Thought is the perfect topping to any mantle or serving table.

5. Candy Corn Bunting

These geometrically designed goodies by Girl Loves Glam are the perfect treat to hang with twine.

6. Faux Bois Pumpkins

Forgo the mess that comes with Jack-o'-Lantern carving and try this alternative approach by Vitamini Handmade to create your very own hypnotically artful pumpkin patch.

7. Skull Planter

These succulent-friendly skulls by The Merry Thought are just as much on-trend as they are on-theme.

8. Geometric Moon Art

This enchanting celestial graphic by Vintage Revivals brings the night sky indoors for all your welcomed werewolves.

9. Framed Printables

Cover up your framed photos for the night with these hocus-pocus printouts from Girl Loves Glam.

10. Glitter Candlesticks

Add a little sparkle to the spook with these glitzy taper holders by Julie Blanner.

11. Candy Jar Labels

Bottle up your favorite treats, and relabel them as potions and poisons with these printable designs by Josie Jones.

12. Ghost Lollipop Bouquet

Give your lollipops a ghoulish makeover with this "BOO-quet" by A Beautiful Mess, best styled in a black painted mason jar.

13. Halloween Candy Coffins

Who can argue with a contraption that has candy where there's supposed to be a corpse? These miniature coffin confectionary boxes by Vitamini Handmade are also great for party favors and gifts.

14. Fresh Floral Moon Pumpkin

This beautiful accent piece is an enchanting alternative to the expected Jack-o'-Lantern. Learn how to create this crescent moon made from blossoms with some help from The Merry Thought.

15. Glittered Skull Garland

Decorate your party bar with this skeletal garland by Vitamini Handmade to keep guests company while they pick their poison.

16. Straw Toppers

With these creepy cut-outs by Delia Creates, guests can add flare to their Halloween highball with bat wings or witches hats to top off their bottled brew.

17. Monster Stirrers

Have your party's stirrers double as a squirmy snack with these chewy monster medleys by A Beautiful Mess.

18. Ghost Confetti Poppers

Make a monstrous mess with these confetti party poppers by Studio DIY.

19. Origami Vampire Fangs

Fold these frightful fangs by Vitamini Handmade into fruition for instant talking piece table-toppers. The origami bats are even cuter, and just as Instagram-worthy.

20. Spiderweb Placemats

For dinner parties or serving tables, graduate from Halloween-themed paper plates and set clear plates and bowls over this web design by Delia Creates for a wicked upgrade.

21. Halloween Basket

If trick-or-treating is a part of your grown-up plans and you want to give guests a parting party favor, these beautiful baskets by The Merry Thought are the adult take on the plastic pumpkin head.

22. Witch Hat Piñatas

For some interactive entertainment, these explosive piñatas by Studio DIY bring out the child in everyone, and act as otherworldly ornamentation before they're popped.

For more fall entertaining ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Vitamini Handmade (6), Studio DIY (3), Delia Creates (3), A Beautiful Mess (3), The Merry Thought (4), Girl Loves Glam (2), Vintage Revivals, Julie Blanner, Josie Jones