11 Creepy Beliefs About NYE Throughout History That Will Give You Nightmares

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After Halloween, all the holidays are supposed to be merry and jolly and laced with colorful confetti... right? Sure, they're supposed to be. But, there are some creepy things about New Year's Eve that might not have you raising that flute of champagne in the air after all. Instead, they might just have you sitting in the corner of the party, bowl of cheese puffs in your lap, thinking about ~what it all means~.

A new year is an ideal opportunity to re-charge. We're starting from day one! ...OK, not actually day one as in the beginning of time, but the first day of an entire year. A lot can happen in 365 days. And so to welcome a refreshed calendar we dress up, go out, and clink glasses. This is all, ritualistically, a way to start the impending year off on the right foot. Sometimes people even literally start the new year off on their actual right foot to get the point across that they desire a positive year of fortune ahead. Hey, you do what you have to do.

Despite all the good intentions poured into the night, there are some creepy things that come along with it. Whether it's a less than typical way to conjure positive fortune for the year ahead or straight up horror stories, your perspective on the night is about to be forever changed.

How-To Steal A Kiss Guides Exist

This surpasses creepy and lands in the territory of unacceptable. But guides (I won't link to them for the fear of actually directing traffic their way) for the sole purpose of teaching people how to "steal kisses" from their "target." This is, of course, messed up for a number of reasons: First of all, New Year's Eve simply happening isn't consent. The object of one's desire should never be referred to as a "target." And a kiss on New Year's Eve is not that crucial of an event for the night. You need consent, consent, ~consent~!

Moon Folklore Can Predict The Year Ahead

In January 2018, our first full moon of the year will be known as the Wolf Moon. According to folklore, the size and shine of a moon can predict the month, or maybe in this case, year ahead. If the moon is bright expect a bountiful year but if the moon is red, the year ahead will be dry and less than stellar. The moon has really got a hold over us, huh?

Burning Of Scarecrows

There's nothing creepy about another culture's tradition. But if you're unfamiliar, seeing a number of burning scarecrows fashioned after politicians and public figures on New Year's Eve might give you deja vu of Halloween. In Ecuador this is a tradition, dating back to 1895, said to cleanse the end of the year of all the bad.

Evil Spirits

If there are any evil spirits lurking at the end of the year, you sure wouldn't want them following you into a fresh new one. Many cultures around the world carry on with traditions that are believed to leave the evil acquired in the past year behind. In some Japanese villages, young men dressed as Namahage — or demons — descend upon villages to warn families of the consequences of being lazy in the New Year. In Ireland, people bang bread against the wall to ward off evil spirits.

Sleeping In Graveyards

Graveyards might seem more creepy than welcoming to the living, but in Chile it's tradition to spend the night of New Year's Eve sleeping close to your deceased family's gravestones.

Women Were Viewed As Unlucky

Antiquated superstitions believed that bad luck acquired on New Year's Eve was at the hands of women. According to Psychic Well, if a women was the first to call you on New Year's Day, you would be tainted with bad luck. In 1866, apparently, doors were locked up to keep females from entering a house, as it was considered unlucky for the first person to enter a house on New Year's Day to be female. Oh, come on ... cue eye roll.

Prepare To Get Stinky

One superstition is that nothing, not even garbage, should leave your house on New Year's Day. Because if you leave, apparently it sets the tone for everyone and everything to leave you throughout the year. Enjoy being cooped up with last week's takeout?

Paying Attention To Your Underwear

We all love a cute set of underwear. But will the color of your under garments declare your destiny for the year to come? Superstitions point to it sure does. If you're looking for love you might want to choose a red pair. Anything concerning a person's underwear choice is a little ... creepy.

Talking Animals

Talking animals is something reserved for the movies. But in Romania, people listen to hear animal's talk. It's believed that if you don't hear an animal talk you're in luck for the New Year. If you do hear an animal speak, as cool as that can be made to seem on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, I imagine it would be creepy and startling in real life.

Bad, Negative Energy

For a day that's supposed to be about celebration, there seems to be a heavy focus on negative energy. Sweeping is said to get rid of any leftover negative energy hiding with the dust bunnies under the kitchen table. Get it out!

Holding On To An Old Flame

I get it, breaking up sucks. You might still have strong feelings for your ex or the person you spilled all your feelings for but who ultimately doesn't reciprocate the love. Some superstitions advise sleeping with the picture of said lover under your pillow on New Year's Eve to attract their adoration. I am all about rituals, but this is a creepy superstition. Sleep with a list of positive affirmations for your damn self under your pillow in order to start off a new year full of self-care and wellness, you know?