11 Customizable Lipstick Sets So You Can Create Your Own Signature Pout

Leaving a beauty store with an arm full of lipstick swatches without actually finding the color of your dreams can be incredibly frustrating. Whether it's a true red, complimenting nude, or sultry berry, creating your own custom lip shades could be the key to securing the colors you've been desperately hoping to snag.

Thanks to customizable beauty products, achieving the exact makeup looks you envision can be a reality. With the right hues, a few empty wells, and a spatula, you can play mixologist with your lippies to create unique shades you'll always adore. It's as easy as adding a smidgen of black and a dash of red to transform a fluorescent violet into a deep plum. A mix of white, chocolate, and peach tones can combine for the best nude lipstick for your complexion. You can even get wild by mixing up unconventional shades like blues, greens, and neons. With just one variety palette, you could have an endless range of shades just waiting to accent your pout.

If you've ever wished you could be in charge of the product manufacturing process, here's the next best thing. Become a shade maker by investing in any of these 11 lipstick sets made for whipping up unique lippies.

1. OCC Lip Tar Primary Pack

Lip Tar Primary Pack, $50, OCC Makeup

Get the five essential shades needed to create infinite lippies by adding the OCC Lip Tar Primary Pack to your collection. Use black to deepen, white to lighten, and any combination of the primary Lip Tars to conjure up any shade your heart desires.

2. Bobbi Brown University Lip Palette

Bobbi Brown University Lip Palette, $60, Birch Box

Featuring a mix of semi-matte red, pink, and nude shades, the Bobbi Brown University Lip Palette is perfect for creating neutral day and sultry evening looks. With the addition of two shimmer shades, you could even transform a traditional color into a sparkly stunner.

3. Maybelline Color Contour Lip Palette

LipStudio Color Contour Lip Palette, $12, Amazon

The combinations are endless with Maybelline's Color Contour Lip Palette. Mix and match the three liner shades, three lip colors and a highlighter in any way to define your pout with deep plums, reds, and blush pinks.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette, $48, Sephora

The holy grail lip palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills' jewel features 24 shades from the primary colors to traditional neutrals. It even includes a mixing plate, spatula, and double-ended lip brush for creating your signature color like a pro.

5. EM Michelle Phan Shade Play Lip Color Mixing Palette

Em Michelle Phan Shade Play Lip Color Mixing Palette, $28, Amazon

Available in nude, red, pink, and peach versions, this compact mixing palette has everything you need to create matte shades and their glossy counterparts.

6. Make Up For Ever Multi-Use Flash Color Palette

Make Up For Ever Multi-Use Flash Color Palette, $99, Sephora

From the boldly beautiful to the timeless classics, Make Up For Ever's Flash Color Palettes include the creamiest shades for mixing up any combo you wish. Really take your artistry to the next level as you use this multipurpose palette for foundation mixing, special effects, and eye makeup too.

7. MAC Trend Forecast Spring 17 Lip Palette

MAC Trend Forecast Spring 17, $43, Ebay

All it takes is the basics to create a variety of tones. Lighten any shade with the pale peach or get vampy by mixing in the deep berry.

8. Clinique Pretty Easy Lip Palette

Clinique Pretty Easy Lip Palette, $13, Amazon

Clinique's Pretty Easy Lip Palette is about as convenient as it gets. Empty wells, a mini spatula, and a retractable lip brush makes it the ultimate beauty buy for playing mix master.

9. L'Oréal Color Riche La Palette Lip

L'Oreal "Plum" Color Riche La Palette Lip, $8, Amazon

Whether you opt for the nude, red, or plum set, L'Oréal's Color Riche La Palettes give you dozens of ways to rock a single color family. Given its mix of cream, matte, and shimmer shades, you'll even have a variety of finishes for your lip creations.

10. BH Cosmetics Ultimate Lip Palette

Bh Cosmetics Ultimate Lip Palette, $13, Amazon

There's no limiting your looks if you include this 28-shade lip palette in your arsenal. A beautiful mix of deep, bright, and neutral hues, it's possible to go from vamp queen to fairy princess in an instant. 

11. Kiko Smart Lip Palette

"Nude Profusion" Smart Lip Palette, $16, Kiko Cosmetics

If finding the perfect nude is nearly impossible, make Kiko's "Nude Profusion" Smart Lip Palette your new go-to. Use any shade alone or mix the varying white, peachy-pink, and chocolate hues to achieve your match made in heaven nude.

A lip palette could be the solution to your problems. Never fret over finding the perfect shade again by getting creative with these customizable beauty gems.

Images: CihanU44/Pixabay; Courtesy of Brands (11)