11 Cute Minnie Mouse Ears You Can Buy To Show Your Disney Spirit


Earlier this week, news broke that you could buy rose gold Minnie Mouse ears, an announcement that practically broke the internet with pure joy and excitement. Unfortunately, they're only available at Disney parks, but don't fret. If you aren't heading to Disneyland or Walt Disney World in the near future, these 11 pairs of cute Minnie Mouse ears are just as adorable as the rose gold ones, and you can order them online.

There's something magical about throwing on a pair of Disney ears and feeling like a kid again. Minnie Mouse ears are a sure sign that you can detach from the real world for a little bit and have some fun without the paralyzing fears and worries of adulthood (kind of). And isn't that the dream?

Luckily, cute Minnie Mouse ears are pretty easy to find. Between the Disney Store and crafty Etsy creators, you can find plenty of adorable Minnie Mouse ears to wear for your next vacation or just the next time you want to feel like a kid again. Whether you're looking for sequins, leopard print, or even a pair of Minnie ears based on your favorite Disney movie, you can probably find them on the internet. Here are 11 pairs of adorable Minnie Mouse ears that you will want on your head ASAP.

1. This Sequin Pair

Minnie Mouse Ears Headband, $25, Disney Store

Classic Minnie Mouse ears with a little more pizzaz.

2. These Leopard Print Ears

Minnie Mouse Ear Headband, $25, Disney Store

Add a little spice to your Disney look with these Minnie Mouse ears with a leopard print bow.

3. These Mermaid Minnie Ears

Iridescent Little Mermaid Minnie Mouse Ears, $17, Etsy

Because sometimes you want to be Ariel and Minnie.

4. These Bedazzled Minnie Ears

Rhinestone Minnie Ears, $20, Etsy

Rhinestones are always a good idea.

5. These Zebra Print Ears

Minnie Mouse Ear Headband, $20, Disney Store

Show off your wild side.

6. These Frozen Minnie Ears

Frozen Inspired Mouse Ears, $18, Etsy

For all the Frozen fans out there.

7. These Rose Gold Ones

Rose Gold Minnie Ears, $25, Etsy

If you don't plan on going to a Disney park any time soon, you can pick up a pair of rose gold Minnie ears on Etsy.

8. These Velvet Minnie Ears

Velvet Minnie Mouse Ears, $15, Etsy

Velvet is so trendy, making these Minnie Mouse ears extra trendy.

9. This Flower Crown/Minnie Ears

Floral Minnie Mouse Ears, $9, Etsy

Two-in-one! Do you think you could wear these to Coachella?

10. These Red & Gold Sequin Ears

Beauty & The Beast Minnie Mouse Ears, $30, Etsy

Whether you like the Beauty & The Beast or not, you can't deny that red and gold is a good combo.

11. These Mermaid-Inspired Ears

Under The Sea Minnie Ears, $20, Etsy

Rep your love of The Little Mermaid and Minnie Mouse in one.