These Dark Rey Memes & Tweets Prove Star Wars Fans Are Shaken To Their Core

Star Wars/D23

As one might expect, the new sneak peek of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which debuted at the D23 Expo, was chock-full of action and featured some of your favorite returning characters. However, there was one moment in particular that stood out from the rest. The Dark Rey memes and tweets from Star Wars Episode 9 have spread like wild fire across the internet and prove it's the only thing fans can't stop thinking about — whether they want to or not.

The first part of the trailer consists of footage many of us have seen countless times over, flashing back to previous films in the franchise to show how far the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire have come over the years, and how much there still is to go. The teaser then cuts to brand new footage, which included an intense showdown between Rey and Kylo Ren, a new shot of Leia (which was taken from past footage of the late Carrie Fisher), and C-3PO with... red eyes? But the closing shot of a hooded Rey carrying a double-sided red lightsaber is by far the most shocking twist of all.

Perhaps this scene will end up being easily explained (could this simply be a vision?), but either way, fans can't stop talking (and tweeting) about this turn of events. And since we all live in a world where social media reigns supreme, the moment has now gone on to produce some pretty fantastic memes and tweets, which you can feast your eyes on below.

1. Some Didn't Blame Rey For Getting A Little In Touch With Her Dark Side

This is Rey's world and we're all just lucky enough to live in it.

2. Some Couldn't Help But Think About What Kylo Will Have To Say To All of This

Something tells us he's gonna have some mixed thoughts if Rey truly is turning to the dark side, like a big part of him always wanted.

3. Ben, On The Other Hand, May Have Some Regrets

"Did I do that?" - Ben in his best Steve Urkel voice.

4. Some Just Wanted More

What happens to make Rey turn dark? Where did she get the red lightsaber? Is this just a red herring or a legit plot point? Fans need more details to get to the bottom of this!

5. Others Commented On Rey's Sweet Skills With The Weapon

And how it reminded them of a certain tech device.

6. There Are Those Who Want To Be It's Not Really Going To Happen

Luke went through a similar process during the original trilogy. If Rey truly in his Jedi successor, then it's possible she's going through the same motions and tests that he did.

7. But Rey Isn't The Only Character Going Red

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

8. Dark Rey Is Already Prompting Some Serious Halloween Inspo

Start planning your costume prep accordingly.

9. Some Aren't Ready For Another Hero-Turned-Villain Story

First Mad Queen Dany and now Dark Rey? What have we done to deserve this?!

10 Some Are Eager To Know What This Means For Reylo

Is it hot in here or is that just the red lightsaber?

11. Others Are Just Ready To Bow Down

All hail Dark Rey!

Needless to say, December can't get here soon enough.