11 Disney-Themed House Plants That Will Cheer Up Your Whole Room

Courtesy of Sellers

When it comes to decorating a home, some people like to keep things simple and some like to inject their personality on every single inch that they can fit it. If you're reading this post, you're probably the latter. Why else would you be reading a post about Disney-themed houseplants? Oh, you're shopping for a gift for someone who is a fan of Disney and of houseplants? Aw, that's nice of you.

No matter why you're here, if you need something that exists in the middle of the Venn diagram of Disney lovers and houseplant enthusiasts, you're at the right place. The items below all combine Disney and greenery with designs that bring to mind various characters and other memorable Disney visuals. The thing is, some of them don't include the actual plants and are just planters. But, you know, it's hard to ship a whole plant, if it's for a bigger planter, and have it arrive in peace. Better to just get the pot and get the plant of your choice later. (When a plant is included with the item, that has been mentioned in the description).

From terrariums (with plant included!) to pots to a very fancy plant stand, here are 11 Disney-themed plant... things that any Disney superfan could enjoy.

1. Cinderella Tillandsia Terrarium

Cinderella Tillandsia Terrarium

Gnomes Don't Talk Back/Etsy

This one comes with a real plant! This Cinderella-themed terrarium includes a bowl, rocks, carriage, a "glass slipper" (it's really plastic), an artificial flower, and an air plant (aka Tillandsia).

2. Tale As Old As Thyme Pot

Tale As Old As Thyme Pot

Grow With Gracee/Etsy

This is a cute option, especially if you're a 'Beauty and the Beast' fan who's looking to plant some thyme.

3. Maleficent Planter

Maleficent Inspired Planter

Redwood Stoneworks/Etsy

It's the cutest planter on the list and the most evil. And it comes with an airplant!

4. Elsa Terrarium

The Oxxo Disney Series: Elsa Terrarium Kit

Terrarium Kits/Etsy

This terrarium comes with a bowl, Elsa figurine, a Tillandsia ionantha (airplant), sand, a piece of slate, shells, a marble, a piece of coral, and a piece of tumbled glass.

5. Epcot Planter

Walt Disney World Epcot Spaceship Earth Inspired Planter

Steevil Labs/Etsy

If a character planter isn't for you, maybe you'll like this one shaped like Walt Disney World's Spaceship Earth.

6. Minnie Mouse Bow Flower Pot

Minnie Mouse Bow Flower Pot

Flourish and Pots/Etsy

Another plant pot, this one features Minnie's bow. This shop also has a Mickey-inspired one if that's more your thing.

7. Seaside Ariel

Seaside Ariel

Georgetta Lee Designs/Etsy

The description on this one is lacking, but those appear to be faux-plants surrounding Ariel. Hey, it's easy to take care of.

8. Beauty And The Beast Rose in Glass Dome

Beauty And The Beast Rose in Glass Dome

Live Forever Rose/Etsy

For the passionate 'Beauty and the Beast' fan, this replica features a preserved rose. Apparently, it can last up to three years without sun and water.

9. Sully Terrarium

Sulley! Monsters, Inc. Inspired Terrarium

For The Love Of Pop/Etsy

These next two are Pixar, yes, but hey, they're related. This terrarium includes the dirt, moss, and rocks, as well as a tiny Sulley, spray bottle, and instructions.

10. Nemo Terrarium

Finding Nemo Terrarium Kit

Beach Cottage Gardens/Etsy

Like a couple of the other terrariums, this one also comes with an airplant, and you get your choice of which 'Finding Nemo' character you'd like.

11. Cinderella Carriage Plant Stand

Cinderella Princess Pumpkin Carriage Plant Stand

Dream Bakers/Etsy

Lastly, we have this pumpkin carriage plant stand. Put what ya want in there. A cactus. A flower. A pumpkin. Choice is yours.

So, maybe you can't get a orchid shaped like Mickey Mouse or a topiary sculpted to look like Simba, but these pots, stands, and terrariums are an easy way to Disney up your home or garden.