This Disney Villains Housewares Collection Has All Your Most Evil Decorating Needs Covered


Disney Princesses are all well and good, but the Disney villains have a fundamental appeal that all those royal do-gooders simply do not. As a result, I am much more inclined to fill my home with Disney villains housewares than I am with Disney Princess gear — and wouldn't you know it? Disney's online store, shopDisney, is more than happy to oblige. It is, as they say, good to be bad. (Within reason, of course.)

What is that fundamental appeal, exactly? I think it's multi-faceted. They each have essential qualities which, when harnessed correctly, can be the key to getting ahead in this frequently frustrating world of ours; they're flawed, offering an alternative to the perfect princess narrative that can seem impossible to reach for us mere mortals; and wow, do they have their own personal styles down or what? Of course, they are often straight-up evil, too — and even though evilness isn't, uh, really something to aspire to, when it comes to fictional characters, the evil ones are often the most fun.

So, although shopDisney also has plenty of princesswares to spruce up your home, when it comes to my own decorating scheme, I'll be heading straight towards the villains shop, thank you very much. Because, I mean, let's be honest: Who wouldn't want to wake up surrounded by this stuff every day?

1. Disney Villains Mug

Disney Villains Mug



There is SO MUCH to love about this mug. The words “VILLAINOUS AND FABULOUS” written on the inside edge! The trio of Ursula, Maleficent, and the Evil Queen! The FEET! (I LOVE mugs with feet. I can't explain why. But I do.)

2. Cruella Throw Pillow

Cruella Throw Pillow



*Hums Cruella De Vil’s theme song*

3. Maleficent “Flames Of Maleficent” Giclée On Canvas

Maleficent “Flames Of Maleficent” Giclée On Canvas



This cubist-style canvas of the powerful sorceress by artist Tom Matousek is limited edition; there are only 1,500 available. Just, y'know, FYI.

4. Snow White Poisoned Apple Tumbler With Straw

Snow White Poisoned Apple Tumbler With Straw



Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s got the coolest drink receptacle of all?

5. “Villain Cruella” Deluxe Print

"Villain Cruella" Deluxe Print



Orange County-based artist Noah’s rendition of Cruella is like the darkest celebrity caricature portrait you’ve ever seen.

6. Queen Of Hearts Throw Pillow

Queen Of Hearts Throw Pillow



Off with her stylish yet affordable home furnishings!

7. Mother Goethel Canvas Print

Mother Goethel Canvas Print



Mother knows best. Or… something.

8. Ursula Emoji Mug

Ursula Emoji Mug



I feel like Ursula would be fluent in emoji. If, y’know, they existed under the sea.

9. Gaston’s Tavern Sign

Gaston's Tavern Sign



Do you, too, use antlers in all of your decorating? Then perhaps this sign is for you.

10. Disney Villains Journal

Disney Villains Journal



Perfect for jotting down all your nefarious plans. Even villains need to keep track of what’s on their “to do” lists.

11. Queen Of Hearts Water Bottle

Queen Of Hearts Water Bottle



Stay hydrated in style. Evil, evil style.

12. Mother Goethel Mug

Mother Goethel Mug



Ugh. These sketch-style mugs and pillows. They are SO GORGEOUS.

13. Maleficent “Birthday Wishes” Giclée on Canvas

Maleficent “Birthday Wishes” Giclée on Canvas



OK, yes, I realize this list has been quite Maleficent-heavy, and also that this canvas is nearly $500, but a) it is ART (artist Tennessee Loveless created it for the Disney Fine Art Pop! Collection), and b) look me square in the eye and tell me you don’t see the appeal of having this image of Maleficent greet all your guests as soon as they walk in your front door. Also, it is called "Birthday Wishes." I mean. I just. I NEED IT.

Check out more of the Disney Villains collection — which, by the way, also includes dresses and mouse ears and so much more over at — shopDisney.