Halloween Costumes For People Who Literally Only Want To Wear Jeans

Kaboompics / Pexels

One of the worst parts about assembling a Halloween costume is the weather — sometimes in late October, it's just too cold to be wearing a short fairy dress or anything that requires bare legs. Thankfully, there are a ton of Halloween costumes you can wear with jeans that won't look like you simply slapped something together last minute. (And even if it was slapped together last minute, hey — no judgment here. Things happen.)

If you think about it, incorporating jeans in your costume may just be the best idea ever. Not only are they something that'll get a lot of use after the holiday (because jeans go with everything) but they'll provide comfort regardless of the situation. Whether you're at a friend's party or hosting your own, you probably won't have to worry about accidental exposure, or ruining the costume with a weather-appropriate cover-up.

And here's the best reason of all as to why jeans make the perfect costume. If you're the kind of person who likes to answer the door in costume and hand out candy, it won't be half as bad if trick-or-treaters fail to show. This is an especially common scenario if you just moved into a new place — sadly, "expected amount of trick-or-treaters" isn't usually something that's included on the lease agreement.

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Wayne From 'Wayne's World'

You might need to find yourself a Garth, but have no fear if you're flying solo. It's probably best to have some holes in your jeans, but if you're not willing to tear yours up, just know that '90s fashion is back in style. The good news about this costume is that even people who didn't watch Saturday Night Live (which is hard to understand) will recognize Wayne in an instant.

Here's what else you'll need to complete the look:

The most important part of this ensemble is Wayne's Hat ($8.99, Etsy). While you might already have one at home, you may need to pick up a black t-shirt ($3.96, Walmart).


Homer Simpson From 'The Simpsons'

Sure, Homer's pants aren't technically jeans as much as "bright blue pants," but with a plain t-shirt and some face paint, people will get the hint. Since Homer is balding, you might also want to invest in a bald cap to really make your costume pop.

Here's what else you'll need to complete the look:

Homer simply isn't Homer without his white button-up ($18, Kohls). You'll also want to invest in Pale Yellow Face Paint, ($6, Amazon) and as mentioned above, a bald cap ($7, Spirit Halloween)


"It's Raining Men"

This costume is bound to get a chuckle — and if you have a magazine (preferably one chock full of pop culture stars) and an umbrella handy, which you probably do, you're pretty much already there. Since people often wear jeans in rainy weather, nobody will question the fact that you're dressed in a cozy way. All you have to do is paste a few cut-out faces on the umbrella, and maybe include a few on your shirt as well — just so people get the hint.

Just in case you need some direction, you'll need a cute umbrella ($12, Target) and a few top tabloids like Us Weekly, which is available at newsstands.


A Hippie

If your jeans are bell bottoms, or even have the tiniest bit of flare, a hippie might be your best option for a comfortable Halloween. Even better, since there's no "right way" to be a hippie, you can explore your inner peace and love and approach it however you want, man.

That said, these extras might help you complete the look:

This peace sign & infinity charm bracelet ($15, Kohls) is absolutely perfect — and even better, you'll be able to wear it after Halloween. You may also want to pick up a boho peace sign shirt, ($22, Etsy) and while you're at it, a peace sign pendant ($40, Kohls).


Flo From 'Diner Dash'

Waiting tables is hard work. Of course when you're Flo, the spunky waitress from "Diner Dash," you're used to handling such intolerant crowds. Pay some respect to one of your favorite game heroes by dressing up like her. If you've got jeans and a hair tie, you're already halfway there.

Here's what else you'll need to complete the costume:

A blue apron, ($10, Amazon) because that's absolutely key to Flo's uniform, a white, short-sleeved work shirt, ($25, The Tog Shop) and finally, a pair of red and white sneakers, ($110, Foot Locker) — the kicks may be pretty pricey, but just like your jeans, they're pretty versatile.


A Painter

If you're looking for an easy costume that requires jeans, look no further than "painter." Sure, it's a little vague — which is a bit off-trend. But it is super cute and cozy, and plus you can get a little bit creative with it. Haven't you been looking for the opportunity to splatter paint all over your face?

Here's what else you'll need to complete the costume:

This paint splatter print drawstring sweatshirt, ($31, will get the message across. Of course, a few props — like a 2" paintbrush, ($7, and a 5 gallon bucket ($5, Home Depot) may also be handy.


A Preschool Teacher

You may be used to teachers dressing up for Halloween, but did you ever consider dressing up like a teacher? When you work with little ones, you're likely not wearing fancy dresses on a daily basis. Kids get messy. And jeans? Well, jeans are pretty much the perfect thing to wear when you're thinking of ease and comfort. You can add to this costume by including some of the basics on your t-shirt — like letters, numbers, and perhaps a box of crayons. Who knows when you'll need 'em.

You might want to complete the outfit with these:

These felt alphabet stickers ($11, Amazon) will make your costume pretty obvious. And if you're looking for a shirt to stick them on, this white crew neck ($10, Old Navy) will be perfect.


Debbie Thornberry From 'The Wild Thornberrys'

Speaking of cartoons, why not consider Debbie Thornberry from Nickelodeon's The Wild Thornberrys? Debbie's jeans are on the baggy side, so comfort is obviously her top priority.

To complete the look, you'll need:

Debbie's greatest accessory looks something like this green utility jacket, ($43, GAP). And while hers is a bit shorter, people will get the point with this orange tee, ($13, Amazon). And if you don't have it naturally, this blonde curly wig, ($23, Amazon) will tie the look together.


Linda Belcher From 'Bob's Burgers'

If you want to dress up like Linda from Bob's Burgers this Halloween, you may want to be prepared with a goofy tune or two. This costume is great because it can stand alone, work as a pair (hello, Bob) or you can make it a group costume with the whole Belcher gang.

Here's what you'll need to complete the look:

The good part about Linda is that her accessories — just like jeans — are pretty simple. You'll need a Red V-neck shirt ($15, Old Navy) along with a pair of red framed glasses, ($8, Amazon) and in case you don't want to style it yourself, a black flip wig ($28, Amazon).



The best part about Waldo? He's somewhat timeless. If you prefer (and would want to rock a jean skirt instead of actual jeans) you can also go as Wenda, Waldo's super hip girlfriend.

Here's what you'll need to complete the costume:

Waldo can be easily found thanks to his signature pom pom hat, ($15, Etsy) but his must-have ensemble piece has to be his striped boatneck shirt, ($17, Walmart). Another must are his round black glasses, ($10, Amazon) and if you want to go extreme with it, you should also pick up a brown walking cane ($18, Amazon).


Disney's Goofy

Don't even bother getting a pre-made Goofy costume. With a few fun accessories, like your favorite jeans, you can make your own.

To complete this costume, you'll need these:

A Goofy hat ($14, Etsy) which you can probably get some extra winter use out of, and of course you'll need his signature orange longsleeved shirt ($4.50, Walmart). But what brings it all together? Goofy's black vest ($30, Macy's).