12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Easy, Creative, AND Cheap

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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As Halloween candy will soon begin to take over the pharmacy and grocery stores aisles, it's officially time to start thinking about your costume. If you don't already know exactly what you want to be, you're likely the kind of person who's looking for some easy and creative Halloween costumes — because while Halloween is fun for you, it isn't your life. So if you're a good sport and like to dress up, but aren't a fanatic about the whole thing, you're in the market for a costume that's clever and interesting, but not hard to put together.

You want something that doesn't involve a lot of shopping or too many pieces, you want something that's easy to explain and fun to wear, but you don't want Halloween to become a part-time job. It's just not that important to you and so you're not going to prioritize the time to look for the perfect costume that wins all the contests. That's why I've gone ahead and put together a list of simple costumes to pick from. If you and your friends pool together your wardrobes and pieces from Halloweens past, you should be able to put together most of these looks with the exception of a small purchase or two.

Wednesday Addams

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Black Peter Pan Dress, $25, Dress Link

Wednesday Addams Wig, $12.99,

To pull off a Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family costume it's more about the vibe than anything else. Surely the braids and the collared shirt will help people understand what you're going for, but a sour face, cynical demeanor and dark sense of humor will really make this look a Halloween home run.

Rosie The Riveter

Casual Turndown One-piece Jumpsuit, $18.99, Lovely Wholesale

Red Scarf, $9.99, H&M

Rosie the Riveter is one badass character — and also one extra simple costume. The best part of this costume is that if you don't already have a denim jumpsuit in your wardrobe, this is a great excuse to add one. I'd literally wear this costume as an outfit any day of the year.

A Bachelor Contestant At A Rose Ceremony

Plus Size Square Neck Sequins Evening Dress, $59, DressWe

A New Day Ema Glitter High Block Heel, $29.99, Target

Artificial Rose Pack, $18, Target

My favorite part of watching The Bachelor is seeing all of the ~extra~ dresses that the women come out in for the rose ceremony. If you've got an over-the-top ball gown laying around, grab a rose and make it a costume.

The Corpse Bride

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Light Blue Wedding Dress, $88, BJ's Bridal

Black Flower Crown, $5, Poshmark

Light Blue Wedding Veil, $12, Etsy

TruNaked Black Smokey Eyeshadow, $13,

The Corpse Bride is a total classic — as well as a classic Halloween costume. It might sound complicated, but with just a few iconic pieces, you don't need to worry about all the skillful make up. Give yourself a great zombie-like smokey eye and find a blue ball gown and pair it with a crown of dead roses.

The Flower Crown Snapchat Filter

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DIY Boho Flower Crown, $3.50, Etsy

If you're going to something really laid back, as in so laid back your costume consists of one item, this is the costume for you! The flower crown is everyone's favorite Snapchat filter, so use Halloween to show your love for it.

The Farmer Emoji

Silk Plants
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Ashland Straw Hat, $4, Michael's

Denim Bib Overalls, $40, H&M

Carrot Pack, $5, Silk Plant

Feel free to use real carrots — and if you're daring, fill all of your handy-dandy pockets with fresh veggies. That way it's a costume and it's a snack!

A Basic Skeleton

Skeleton Bodysuit, $64, Tipsy Elves

You want easy? This is about as easy as it gets. Pair this suit with a pair of white shoes, and if you really want to amp it up, go for some face makeup. Here's a skeleton make up tutorial that's pretty easy to follow.

Zoe Benson From American Horror Story: Coven

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Forever 21
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Women's Black Floppy Panama Hat, $12, Sears

Plus Size V-Neck Curvy Dress, $25, Forever 21

Black Ankle Boots, $25, H&M

This is a serious upgrade to the witch costume your mother dressed you up in when you were grade school. The witches of American Horror Story: Coven are chic and sharp. Their take on the classic witch costume is a major fashion moment.

A Minion From Minions

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Denim Bib Overalls, $40, H&M

Yellow Jersey Shirt, $7, H&M

Protective Goggles, $12, Gateway Safety

Personally, I stumbled across this costume because I literally have all the pieces in my wardrobe and wore it once by accident. On a day that wasn't Halloween. When a kid asked me if I was a Minion from The Minions, I knew I had my Halloween costume sorted.

A Millennial

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Skinny Fit Pink Pants, $15, H&M

Tailgate Women's Rose Shirt, $18, AE Outfitters

Avocado Design Drop Earrings, $2, Romwe

When there's no one better to be than you, be yourself. If your don't already have enough Millennial pink to deck yourself out from head-to-toe, here's your excuse. Complete the look with a pair of avocado accessories, or go method and bring some avocado toast with you.

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If you're more of a make up person than a costume person, flex your glam skills and opt for a full face of make up and swatched arms in lieu of a costume. Here's an everyday glam make up tutorial to use if you need some guidance.