11 Easy Hacks For Taking The Perfect Bookstagram

by Kerri Jarema

It's no secret that book lovers are obsessed with bookstagram. Endless accounts filled with feeds that are dedicated solely to photographing, discussing and celebrating books is any bibliophile's dream come true. And while you could just plunk a book down anywhere and snap a quick pic of it, bookstagrammers have perfected the art of the beautiful book photo. YA, adult, crime, thriller, horror, romance... every genre under the sun is represented on bookstagram, and no one account is the same.

Some people go for dark and atmospheric and grainy, while others go for bright, pastels and rainbows. Some people love to get out into nature, while others stay in their bedrooms. Some people have tons of props, while others keep it super minimalist. There are feeds where the photos that are taken on the same background every time, using the same filter, and accounts where every single photo is completely different from the last. So, what is it that makes a good bookstagram? Well, that's entirely up to you. But we do have a few simple hacks that will take your book photos to the next level. They're all easy, and affordable, but they'll add depth and interest to every picture you take. Follow these 11 hacks and you'll be racking up the followers in no time.


Add A Coffee Cup

This is probably the simplest of all bookstagram hacks: add a coffee cup. Your photos will automatically look more realistic. Who doesn't love some caffeine with their reading? Plus this allows you get out and about with your photos, adding in new backgrounds and maybe even getting your coffee shop partner in on the fun.


Turn On Some Fairy Lights

Twinkle lights add a super pretty, ethereal air to any book shot. You can string them on your bookcases for those picture perfect shelfies, or just lay them on the floor or your string them around your bed for a little added sparkle.


Make A Rainbow

There is just something about a rainbow book formation that forces your finger to automatically double-tap on any photo featuring one. Even if you're not a rainbow shelves kind of person, you can do rainbow stacks for any occasion, from TBRs to new releases.


Get Your Pet In On The Action

If you've got a kitten, puppy, guinea pig, heck, even a goldfish... people want to see them. Now add their adorableness to a stack of books and you've got the perfect (and absolute cutest) bookstagram photo.


Got A Cool Room? Show It Off!

It's not always all about the books. If you've got some serious aesthetics going on somewhere in your home, whether it's an office, bedroom, or just some killer lighting in your kitchen, utilize that space to add some extra interest to your photos. Not only can you get more creative with wider shots, but people love creeping on other people's decor. It's a fact.


Make A Book Pile

Bookstragram photos don't always need to be super staged, which is great for anyone needing to update their account right before work. Sometimes a sea of beautiful hardbacks haphazardly spread over your bed is all you really need to take a great pic.


Get Super Organized

On the other end of the spectrum, you can get super specific with your flat lays. Get everything fit together perfectly, with very little blank space. It's not only super pretty, but it's incredibly calming to look at. And people won't be able to resist following along with the uniformity of your feed.


Add Some Pop Dolls Into The Mix

These obsession worthy collectibles are one of the cutest ways to tie a photo together. It's not like you can't take a photo of your Harry Potter books without a mini Dumbledore watching over the whole thing...but why would you want to?


Buy Yourself Some Props

Maybe you never thought you'd need to buy caution tape and a magnifying glass, but bookstagram will definitely prove otherwise. Some of the best and most interesting photos really run away with the theme of whatever books they're featuring. A magic novel needs a wand and some potion bottles. An Alice in Wonderland retelling obviously needs playing cards and roses. Anything set in the summer would look perfect with seashells and sand. Props are the best way to have creative fun with your photos, and most can be found cheaply at any local arts & crafts store.


Get Your Legs In There

This pose can add some an element of fashion into your bookstagram by showing off your outfit. If you've got a killer pair of shoes on, a super pretty dress, or are just donning some favorite tights and socks, taking a photo sitting down next to your books can add a whole other dimension to your feed. If you ever needed an excuse to coordinate your outfits to the book you're reading, you've got it.


Go Outside

So many bookstagram photos are taken inside, so getting outdoors will add some much needed variety to your feed. Show off autumnal leaves, glittering snow, sandy beaches and blooming flowers instead of faux ones. There are books for every season so utilize what's going on out in the real world to get the most out of your photos of the imaginary ones.