Easy Wonder Woman Halloween 2017 Costume Ideas

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I grew up watching reruns of Wonder Woman, and the notion that women could be badass superheroes — contrary to what was going on around me — was ingrained in my consciousness. If you want to embody Princess Diana of Themyscira, these easy Wonder Woman Halloween 2017 costume ideas can help you unleash your inner cape crusader. While far from perfect, this summer's Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot has introduced this feminine hero to a whole new generation. And, there's no doubt that the Wonder Woman costume idea is going to be one of the most popular for Halloween 2017.

Wonder Woman is one of the longest reigning superheroes ever, first hitting the scene in 1941. A founding member of the Justice League, goddess of love and war, and ambassador-at-large of the Amazonian people, Wonder Woman, also known as Princess Diana — or Diana Prince when rubbing elbows with regular people, was created by American psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston, Wikipedia noted. Marston drew inspiration from early feminists when creating Wonder Woman, and she has remained a feminist hero in the hearts of many women and girls ever since.

If you're entertaining the idea of going as Wonder Woman for Halloween 2017, you can think outside the box when exploring your costume idea. After all, what Wonder Woman symbolizes — female empowerment — is much more important than her physical construct. Channel your own version of Diana Prince for Halloween 2017 with these easy Wonder Woman costume ideas.

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1. Spirit Of Truth

The "Spirit of Truth" is one of the monikers by which Wonder Woman is known. She uses her Lasso of Truth in the form of a magic gold rope to basically turn people into Jim Carey from the movie Liar Liar. One easy and unique Wonder Woman costume idea for Halloween 2017 is to dress as the Spirit of Truth, which is also the name of a Wonder Woman graphic novel by DC Comics. Combine a Lasso of Truth, a Dagger of Truth, and a reversible dress for an easy Spirit of Truth costume idea. And, bonus that the necklace and dress can become part of your regular wardrobe.

You'll need: Golden Lasso of Truth, $15, Fanstore | Sword of Truth Necklace, $16, Etsy | DC Comics Wonder Woman Reversible Dress, $40, Her Universe

2. Casual Cape Crusader

You might not know that in 2010 a new design of Wonder Woman had the cape crusader wearing pants. Though the design was later abandoned, wearing a skirt is not everyone's jam, and creating your own casual Wonder Woman costume idea for Halloween 2017 is super easy with this shirt and cape combo paired with a beanie (because it's kind of chilly on Halloween), and pants from your own closet.

You'll need: Wonder Woman Adult Sporty Tee, $13, Jet | Wonder Woman Beanie Cap, $12, Jet

3. Diana Prince

When Wonder Woman isn't out using her Lasso of Truth to get people to do the right thing, she's undercover as Diana Prince, who dresses kind of like a librarian. An easy Wonder Woman costume idea for Halloween 2017 is to go as Diana Prince. You can carry a Lasso of Truth with you just in case anyone gets out of line. Choose the pieces below to complete your Diana Prince costume idea, or use a fedora, glasses, and blazer you already own.

You'll need: Wonder Woman Fedora Bucket Hat, $28, Jet | Non-Prescription Glasses, $8, Amazon | JJ Perfection Lightweight Thin Chiffon Ruched Sleeve Open-Front Blazer, $20, Amazon | Golden Lasso of Truth, $15, Fanplusfriend Costume

4. Sporty Superhero

You'll need: Bioworld Wonder Woman Gold Logo T-Shirt, $8, Amazon | Golden Lasso of Truth, $15, Fanstore | Digital Print Active YOGA Capri Leggings, $15, Amazon

Grab some gear you can reuse at the gym and create an easy Wonder Woman costume idea for Halloween 2017. After all, Wonder Woman is a badass fitness buff who probably has a drawer full of leggings she wears while training.

5. DIY Wonder Woman

If you'e crafty, and you like to DIY, this Wonder Woman costume idea for Halloween 2017 is going to satisfy your inner craft queen. Chic Life outlines step by step how you can easily make your own DIY Wonder Woman costume with leggings, a sports bra, and some fabric. Grab the gear below for your costume idea, and follow the steps to turn these items into a unique Wonder Woman outfit all your own. I suggest getting a headband and wristbands for the cuffs, unless you want to sew them from scratch.

You'll need: Shiny Faux Leather Leggings Pants, $10, Amazon | Wirefree Sleep Vest Tops Bra, $8, Amazon | Polyester Spandex Lame Knit Gold Fabric, $7, Amazon | Sweatband Set, $10, Amazon | instructions from Chic Life to make your Wonder Woman costume idea a reality.

6. Glow-In-The-Dark Wonder Woman

If you headed to a club for Halloween 2017, this glow in the dark Wonder Woman costume idea is fun, super easy to put together, and will have you leaving a cosmic trail on the dance floor. Grab the pieces below, make some arm cuffs out of toilet paper rolls, and decorate your outfit with glow-in-the-dark stars.

You'll need: Shiny Faux Leather Leggings Pants, $10, Amazon | Wirefree Sleep Vest Tops Bra, $8, Amazon | Great Explorations Milky Way Adhesives, $5, Amazon

7. '70s Diana Prince

Diana Prince and her alter ego Wonder Woman have gone through many fashion transformations since the 1940s, including a nod to the '70s when Linda Carter played her on the epic Wonder Woman TV show. If the '70s is your go-to decade for fashion, this Diana Prince costume idea for Halloween 2017 is a nod to both Wonder Woman and one of fashion's most epic decades.

You'll need: Long Sleeve Cotton Turtleneck Bodysuit, $18, Amazon | Lace Up Palazzo Bell Bottom Pants, $19, Amazon | Golden Lasso of Truth, $15, Fanstore | High Polished Stainless Steel Smooth Wide Cuff Bangle Bracelet, $13, Amazon

8. Glam Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

Glam up like Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman for Halloween 2017 with this easy-glam superhero costume idea. This costume is super simple to put together with a tank top, leggings, boots, and all-in-one Wonder Woman accessories.

You'll need: Wonder Woman Deluxe Adult Set from Amazon, $20, Amazon | Metallic Capri Pants, $18, Amazon | Loose Fit Flared Tank Top, $12, Amazon | Taupe Tie-Back Over-The-Knee Boots, $30, Charlotte Russe

9. DC Comics Dance Wonder Woman

How often is it socially acceptable to wear a tutu? Turning Wonder Woman into a dancing queen for Halloween 2017 with this fun and flashy Wonder Woman dance costume idea that's perfect for a night on the dance floor. Bonus, you can wear the socks and shirt in your regular life, too.

You'll need: DC Comics Wonder Woman Tank Top Shirt, $10, Amazon | DC Comics Wonder Woman Tutu, $14, Amazon | Bioworld Wonder Woman Adult Knee High Cape Sock, $8, Amazon | DC Comics Gold Wonder Woman Tiara Headband, $14, Amazon

10. Sleepy Wonder Woman

Wonder Women Caped Costume, $35, Super Hero Stuff

Even Wonder Woman has to sleep, and I am a big fan of wearing pajamas all of the time. If you're looking for a super easy and comfy costume idea for Halloween 2017, these Wonder Woman pajamas with attached cape and hood are the jam. And, they'll also keep you warm all winter long. Grab the Wonder Woman Caped Costume Women's Union Suit from

11. Undercover Cape Crusader

Sometimes all you need for a really great Halloween costume idea is one great accessory. If you like to be one and done, simply don a cape and head out to the party for Halloween 2017. And, c'mon, you know you've always wanted a cape of your very own.

You'll need: Rubie's Costume Co Women's DC Superheroes Deluxe Wonder Woman Cape, $21, Amazon