11 Creative 'Wonder Woman' Costumes To Channel Your Inner Diana Prince

Since the movie's release in June, Wonder Woman has become symbol of strength and shero-ism for the many who flocked to theaters to catch a glimpse of the long-awaited feminist icon. In light of the film's overwhelming box office success, there's no doubt that creative Wonder Woman Halloween 2017 costumes will become an ubiquitous sight during the upcoming holiday. Amid the testosterone-filled history of superhero films — long associated with the likes of Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine — the mainstream arrival of Wonder Woman is a highly welcomed diversion for those who view the fearless phenom as a huge attribute to the modern feminist movement.

As the fifth biggest superhero movie of all time,Wonder Woman has quickly become an important and iconic part of film history. This imprint has caused it to become an omnipresent figure within pop culture and, in turn, boosted the popularity of the character Diana Prince. And with Halloween right around the corner, it's safe to say that Wonder Woman costumes will be in full demand this October. In that case, it may be time to rev up your creative juices when it comes to creating the perfect superhero getup for your night of trick-or-treating.

To help set yourself apart from the plethora of cookie-cutter Wonder Woman looks being served up by your local Halloween superstore, here's a list of creative alternatives that'll surely help you lasso in the perfect look.

1. Amazing Amazon

Become the hero of the party in this red hi-low dress that features Wonder Woman's signature star print lining. Accessorize the look with double bracelet cuffs, a gold headband, and this jewel-encrusted clutch to dress things up before hitting the town.

Formal Wonder Woman Dress, $80, Hot Topic | Leaf Headpiece, $24, Amazon | Cuff Bracelet, $14, Amazon | Crystal Clutch, $31, Amazon

2. Caped Crusader

Flow freely in a cape dress, belt, and star earrings to completely save the day.

Cape Dress, $21, Amazon | Belt, $13, Amazon | Earrings, $10, Amazon | Sandals, $33, Amazon

3. Lasso Is More

If you're trying to play it low-key, but still want to get in the Halloween spirit, jeans and sneakers may be exactly you need to help keep things cool and casual. Pair the look with a Wonder Woman-inspired lasso belt for an added bit of superhero swag.

Headband, $16, Amazon | Wonder Woman Tank, $29, Amazon | Faux Leather Jacket, $40, Amazon | Star Print Jeans, $495, net-a-porter.com* | Converse, $35, Converse | Rope Belt, $15, Amazon

*If you don't want to splurge nearly $500 for jeans, no problem! You can DIY your own star pants with your fave old pair of jeans and some white fabric paint.

4. Goddess Of Justice

Channel your inner Diana Prince with a floor length cape, gold crown, cuff bracelets and wide belt.

Kimono Cape, $30, Amazon | Tie Waist Belt, $9, Amazon | Wrist Cuffs, $8, Amazon | Leaf Crown Headpiece, $23, Amazon

5. Playful Protector

Play with color by layering red, yellow, and blue hues, and top it off with fun touches such as sunglasses and star-shaped earrings.

Pants, $13, Amazon | Tank, $12, Amazon | Faux Leather Wrap Belt, $12, Amazon | Star Earrings, $10, Amazon | Wonder Woman Sunglasses, $5, Amazon

6. Heavy Metal Heroine

Keep it super sleek with a embellished bustier, faux leather leggings, gold headpiece, clutch, and Wonder Woman cuff bracelet.

Bustier, $20, Amazon | Leggings, $98, Amazon | Wonder Woman Headband, $20, Hot Topic | Clutch, $16, Amazon | Wonder Woman Bracelet, $48, Amazon

7. Wondrous Warrior

Dress to impress in a A-line skirt and fitted bodysuit paired with gold pumps and a blue star handbag.

Skirt, $20, Amazon | Bodysuit, $13, Amazon | Star Purse, $28, Amazon | Gold Pumps, $49, Amazon | Tie Waist Belt, $9, Amazon

8. Disco Defender

Add a bit of '70s flare with wide leg pants and galactic accessories for a look that's totally out of this world.

Pants, $22, Amazon | Halter Top, $115, Amazon | Earrings, $45, Amazon | Cuff, $9, Amazon | Clutch, $40, Amazon | Heels, $49, Amazon

9. Leader Of Leisure

If loungewear is more your style, opt for a hoodie and sweats for your Halloween night. Add a fannypack for hands-free candy collecting.

Wonder Woman Hoodie, $32, Amazon | Lounge Pants, $20, Amazon | Fannypack, $12, Amazon

10. Double Duty

Make your Halloween twice as nice in this reversible Wonder Woman dress. Mix and match either side with gold accents like star earrings and bracelets for a look that's in a galaxy all its own.

Dress, $51, Torrid | Shooting Star Earrings, $21, Amazon | Black and Gold Clutch Purse, $25, Amazon | Gold Crossbody Bag, $14, Amazon | Rhinestone Star Cuff, $12, Amazon

11. Freedom Fighter

Pair star print leggings with a red peplum top for a look that you can easily dress up or down as you please.

Top, $16, Amazon | Star Pants, $11, Amazon | Belt, $14, Amazon | Wonder Woman Earrings, $9, Amazon

With all of these options right at your fingertips, the only thing left to do now is save the day.