11 Fall Items At Trader Joe's That Were Built For Instagram

Trader Joe's

Who among us is not guilty of snapping photos of our food before taking a bite? At this point, it's been wired so far into our brains that it's practically the fault of evolution. So to help you improve your #foodporn game this season, I'm rounding up 11 fall foods at Trader Joe’s that were basically built for Instagram.

You have to hand it to Joe. He's pretty conscientious not just of our desire for something delicious, but also something that photographs well for the 'gram. There's no better time of year to share all your tasty goodies with social media than fall, and boy oh boy, has Joe delivered this season. We've got pumpkin spice. We've got maple. We've even got an apple cider jam. The three most powerful flavors, and Joe has brought them all together in one might fall grocery haul.

Halloween planning is in full swing, the air is crispy, and we've officially hit sweater weather. Now it's time to give your IG feed a makeover for the season. Here are the 11 most photogenic foods you can get at Trader Joe's this autumn. Hurry up and grab a photo, because you're going to want to dig in, like, immediately. You've been warned.