11 Fanny Packs To Hold All Your Summer Needs

While I'm a girl who can appreciate a practical, well-designed, and altogether gorgeous purse, I'd be lying if I said I loved carrying a handbag everywhere I go. Though a backpack is a stylish and sizable alternative, I'm a major supporter of the fanny pack, especially during the summer, when you only need the bare necessities.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how I got to the point of needing something to haul my things everywhere I go — I blame the lack of roomy pockets in women's pants. During the summer, my necessities hardly require the daily tote I carry. I've got my keys, wallet, lip balm, and maybe my sunglasses. All of these items can fit into a handy fanny pack!

That's the beauty of a fanny pack. You can keep all your necessities with you at just an arm's reach. Not only will you have easy access to your things, but you'll also know exactly where you have everything. And yes, you can wear them and still look amazing.

Now to be fair, fanny packs have oftentimes gotten a bad rep for being the quintessential tourist carry-all or — dare I say it — the vacation dad purse. But in defense of the fanny pack, here are some trendy ones you'll be excited to wear this summer. Like the scrunchie, I'm bringing back the fanny pack.

1. Neon

MKWDirect Vintage Purple Fanny Pack, $15, Etsy

Start out with a classic neon fanny pack to get you going.

2. Acid Wash Denim

Extreme 80s Acid Wash Denim Fanny Pack, $20, Tillys

If you're like me and you love denim, this is the height of all fanny packs.

3. Vinyl

Mokuyobi Vinyl Belt Bag, $29, Urban Outfitters

This bright and see-through fanny pack will make your day better tenfold.

4. Millennial Pink

Herschel Sixteen Fanny Pack, $30, Amazon

It wouldn't be 2017 if you didn't have a fanny pack in Millennial Pink.

5. Patchwork

Vans Patch Fanny Pack, $20, ASOS

Could there be anything more on-trend right now?

6. Travel

Patagonia Lightweight Travel Hip Pack, $29, Patagonia

This fanny pack folds into itself to make for easy packing.

7. Leather

WANT Alice Fanny Pack, $20, Nasty Gal

Take this trend to the next level with an edgy leather version.

8. Metallic

Forever 21 Metallic Fanny Pack, $16, Forever21

Let this fanny pack catch all the sunlight this summer.

9. Minimal

Madewell The Marfa Belt Bag, $60, Madewell

Let this structured take on the fanny pack be the center of attention.

10. Floral

Dickies Flower Hip Sack Fanny Pack, $15, Tillys

Need some extra summer sunshine? This bag will do it for you.

11. Plush

Urban Outfitters Plush Belt Bag, $29, Urban Outfitters

Now that's what I would call a statement bag.