15 Cute Fanny Packs To Unapologetically Rock At Festivals

When it comes to festivals and other summer events, I hate carrying purses, pockets are never deep enough, and I'm not in school anymore so carrying a backpack feels weird. IMO, Fanny packs are the perfect music festival accessory. You're not going to set it down when you're dancing and lose your stuff, and you don't have to worry about people stealing out of your backpack when it's behind you. When you're spending a long period of time outside, you're going to get some sun. I don't know about you, but I'm not the biggest fan of backpack tan lines.

My first fanny pack had a bejeweled Winnie the Poo on it, and the thought of a fanny pack probably evokes the bad taste of neon and your childhood. But fanny packs don't have to be the lifeless hip dangling bags of your '90s nightmares. They've graced runway shows, celebrities have been seen wearing them, and major stores like Forever21 are carrying them again.

If you need the perfect place to carry your essentials to a music festival this year, look no further than these stylish fanny packs. And no, that's not an oxymoron. Here are your new go-to festival fanny packs.


Buckled Faux Leather Fanny Pack

Buckled Faux Leather Fanny Pack, $15.90, Forever21

This is a great foray into the world of fanny packs, because the buckle detail makes it seem like a belt.


Z and L Europe Fanny Pack

Z and L Europe Fanny Pack, $78, Forever21

If you want a more boho-style bag, this bag is full of fun details like a horn shaped closure.


Mi-Pac Fanny Pack Iridescent Fanny Pack

Mi-Pac Fanny Pack Iridescent Fanny Pack, $26, ASOS

If you want to lean away from boho and go for something you could take to a rave, this iridescent fanny pack is ideal.


Skinnydip Blush Faux Fur Fanny Pack

Skinnydip Blush Faux Fur Fanny Pack, $28, ASOS

You don't have to wear your fanny pack on your waist either.


Reclaimed Vintage Embroidered Fanny Pack

Reclaimed Vintage Embroidered Fanny Pack, $31, ASOS

This is the fanny pack of my dreams.


Quilted Faux Leather Fanny Pack

Quilted Faux Leather Fanny Pack, $17.90, Forever21

You could even wear this one to a fancier event.


Vans Denim Belt Bag

Vans Denim Belt Bag, $25, Urban Outifitters

This one by Vans is a classic throwback.


Kat Suede Sling Belt Bag

Kat Suede Sling Belt Bag, $59, Urban Outfitters

This is perfect if you don't want to call it a fanny pack.


Herschel Supply Co. Tour Belt Bag

Herschel Supply Co. Tour Belt Bag, $35, Urban Outfitters

This simple one from Herschel is sure to last you through a few seasons.


Rainbow Canvas Belt Bag

Rainbow Canvas Belt Bag, $19.99, Urban Outfitters

This cute little rainbow pack is on sale.


Watermelon Bumbag

Watermelon Bumbag, $31.87, Etsy

Use this cute watermelon shaped fanny pack to store your festival snacks.


adidas Originals Cross Body


Shiny Belt Bag

Shiny Belt Bag, $29.90, Zara

This shiny belt bag is the perfect shiny addition to your festival wardrobe.


Black Leather Belt Bag

Black Leather Belt Bag, $49.90, Zara

This bag is so simple and sturdy it will work with any festival outfit and hold your things.


Velvet Fanny Pack

Velvet Fanny Pack, $23, ASOS

And of course you need a velvet fanny pack.

Now go forth and enjoy festival season while looking cool and not having to hold your phone and things in your hands the whole time.