11 Timeless Wardrobe Treasures To Keep For The Next Decade & Beyond

by Lauren Sharkey

A new decade is upon us and, if you're anything like me, you may have spent the first few days of January attempting to refresh your wardrobe. A few black bags later and a great deal of regret proved that the only purchases I, and most people, need are timeless ones. So here are the fashion items to buy that'll last for the next decade and beyond.

A considered wardrobe is one based on essential pieces. Think a coat, jacket, jeans, a dress or jumpsuit (or both), and a good pair of shoes. Then you can add in your accessories, whether that's some classic jewellery or a striking belt. Don't forget a bag, of course.

The plainer you go, the more likely you are to want to wear the item in five or six years' time. But that doesn't mean prints or patterns are a no go. Animal print pops its fearsome head up every few months or so along with the likes of polka dots and checks. Similarly, feel free to add a touch of personality to your purchasing choices.

From trench coats to blazers and velvet jumpsuits to suede ankle boots, the following pieces are ones that really will be worth the investment.