11 Texts To Send First-Time Dads On Father’s Day


Father's Day is coming up, which is obviously the perfect time to celebrate all of the amazing dads out there doing their best to be good role models. For those who have been dads for a long time, Father's Day might not be the most exciting day of the year for them — they've been through it, they've done it all with their kids, and they probably just want to use the day to get a little bit of a break. But for new dads? The day takes on a seriously special meaning, especially if it's their first Father's Day ever where they're the ones who get to be celebrated. So, if your friend or family member is a first-time dad on Father's Day, you might want to text them to let them know you're thinking about them.

If it feels way too formal to send them a Father's Day card or give them a gift or even to call them, then you can do the next best thing: send them a quick text message. It's a really sweet gesture that shows that you care, it's easy and fast, and it's something he'll definitely appreciate. And if you really want to send a text to remember, it will have to be a little bit better than just, "Happy Father's Day."

You could just say that, of course, but you want your text message to be special, right? Probably, because they're likely going to be feeling a lot of love on this day. So, we've done the work for you: below is a collection of funny, sweet, and just adorable messages for the new dad in your life. Here are a few texts to send to a first-time dad on Father's Day:


"Welcome to fatherhood! You're going to be such a great dad."

Sometimes you just have to keep it short and sweet!


"Time to level up! Happy first Father's Day!"

This is kind of a video game pun, so if he loves playing video games, this is perfect.


"You make spit up look sexy. Happy Father's Day!"

For any dad who has a little baby around this time!


"Happy Father's Day — the adventure has begun."

This is another short and sweet message that just stands out a little bit more. Plus, it's true!


"Happy Father's Day to a new dad who probably fell asleep before finishing this sentence."

Honestly, he's probably spending Father's Day trying to sleep.


"Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad."

Send something a little bit more special with this sweet message.


"Congratulations on the adorable new reason to be awake at 3 A.M."

Hey, if you're going to be awake at that time, it might as well be for your new kid!


"I hope this Father's Day is as fun as your life before kids."

Just a little joke for those new dads out there!


"Sleep is overrated anyway! Happy first Father's Day."

It's not, but why not make them feel better about it on their special day, you know?


"So, it turns out you're alright at this whole parenting thing, huh?"

A nice little compliment without going over the top is the perfect text message.


"I know that you're not a dad just quite yet. But I know that you're going to be amazing!"

This one is great for the dad who is expecting their new little bundle of joy any day now.