14 Tech Gift Ideas For Father’s Day That Are Also Super Cheap

ICMYI, Father's Day is literally right around the corner. That's right: June 17 is the day, and that day is fast approaching. If this is news to you, I'm fairly sure you haven't even begun to think about what you're going to get your good ol' pops — and, upon this realization, I'm fairly sure you're probably feeling a lot of anxiety right now about that. But don't worry: You still have time. And luckily, lots of places deliver with overnight shipping these days, so all you need is a good idea of what to get your dad. My general strategy is to find the coolest gadgets and get something a little whimsical for my dad — which is why I've put together this foolproof list of Father's Day tech gift ideas that are under $50. Not only are they cool, they're affordable as well!

While your dad might be a tech junkie, people aren't always the best at treating themselves to things that seem a little extravagant. Sure, a new car might seem like a necessary large expense to your dad, but an AI assistant or a drone? Not so much. But that's why days like Father's Day are the perfect time to encourage your dad to indulge in products like these. It's a gift!

Check out this list of tech gifts for your dad that are all under $50 below, and maybe do it sooner rather than later. After all... June 17. It's literally around the corner.

Echo Dot

Sound Machine

Electric Flosser

Wireless Charging Pad

Starter Drone

Anything Finder

Earbud Headset

Outdoor Waterproof Speaker

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Paper Shredder

Roku Express

Fire Tablet

Magnetic Floating Globe

Pulse Massager