11 Playlists To Psych Yourself Up Before A First Date

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Psyching yourself up for a first date can be difficult if you don't have the right resources. The fear, the anxiety, the uncertainty, the anticipation; it can all get in the way of what you should be focusing on, the excitement of something new. So, to combat those pesky pre-date jitters, I highly recommend some first date playlists. Granted, the kind of music you're going to want to listen to is totally going to depend on your personal situation. We all go into first dates coming from different places.

Are you recently single? Have you been single forever? Is your heart still broken? Are you so stoked for this date than you can't catch your cool? Are you dreading it? Are you a little too indifferent? There are so many different head spaces that we approach first dates with, so it's important to find the right playlist for you. That's why I've rounded up a collection of playlists that cater to totally different vibes.

Some people might need to jazz themselves up to be in a good place to meet someone new, while other people might need to calm themselves down to be in that same place. With so many different circumstances and expectations, you've got to find the right combination of vibes and beats for your first date. Here are a few totally different and totally you first date playlists to jam and or chill out to, before the big event.

When You're Still Getting Over Your Ex

If you need another reminder why your ex is your ex, listen to this mildly angsty playlist and leave your ex in the past where they belong. Make room for something new!

When You're Looking For A John Hughes Kinda Love

There's nothing like a solid '80s romance playlist to make you feel like you're living your Molly Shannon dreams. Listen to this list to get you excited and energized.

When You Already Have A Crush

If you already have a crush on the person you're going on a date with, lean into it with this crush-forward music.

When You're Looking For Some Nostalgic Hype Vibes

If you haven't been on a first date since Taylor Swift was still writing country love songs, you might respond to some OG love songs more than the contemporary stuff.

When You Want To Feel Sexy

If you're feeling sexy or would like to feel sexy, some jazzy seductive music should definitely do the trick. You might even find yourself swiping on some red lipstick.

When You Just Need Energy

If you're zonked at the end of a work day and are tempted to cancel because you don't think you can muster the energy to talk to someone new, jam out to this high energy playlist and see how you feel.

When You Need To Take It Down A Notch

If you're freaking out and your nerves are getting the best of you, listen to this play list to chill out. It's no big deal, it's just a date, you can do it. You might even have fun.

When You Need Cute Getting Ready Music

Sometimes listening to fun and flirty music can make getting ready more exciting. If the thought of peeling off your pajamas is deterring you, listen to these songs to get you bopping you the door.

When You Want To Believe In Fairy Tales

If you're feeling down on love lately, listen to some of today's classic love songs to reming you why you're getting back out there in the first place.

When You Need A Little Extra Convincing

If you're a little too good at talking yourself out of a date, listen to this playlist to give you the encouragement you need to follow through. I know it can be overwhelming to meet someone new, but remember they're meeting someone new, too.

When You Want Your Love Life To Feel Like An Indie Movie

Sometimes you just want to feel like your life is as important as an indie movie makes life feel. Add a little twee and kitsch to your pre-date pre-game and go into it feeling ready to embrace every part of it.