11 Memes To Share On The First Day Of Spring That Show You're So Over Cold Weather

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Michael Heiman/Getty Images News/Getty Images

We wait all winter for the first sign of spring, and the second we see have a day that's not frigid, most of us get ahead of ourselves. Each year we say goodbye to winter before winter is done with us — as this year has proven, our calendars can tell us it's spring before it actually feels like spring. But don't worry: people understand your pain. The fact that spring seems to wait to kick in for a few weeks after the spring equinox has arrived is depicted epically in first day of spring memes.

No one understands the disappointment that comes along with a false spring start like the internet. No matter how many times we experience that fake start of the seasons, we fool ourselves into believing that it's going to be different this year. If we get a mild day in late March, we pull our cut-off shorts out of the closet and stuff our down winter coats into storage ... only to have to climb back into our closets to dig out that coat again, because the warm temperatures rarely stay put until the end of April, which is a full month after the calendar claimed that it was spring.

To revel in this disappointment with the masses, I've pulled together some on the internets best first day of spring memes that really get it.

It's Under There, Somewhere

It's so hard to imagine that there's a future bed of green grass under the winter wonderland that surrounds us. When the snow is covering everything, you can't picture it ever not being there.

Spring Puns Tho

Bunnies are most certainly one of the most exciting things to look forward to seeing more of come spring. But also the Easter bunny, because, well, candy.

When Spring Gets Extra


One thing you probably don't miss about spring is how extra it can be. When the flowers all start blooming and shedding at the same time, it's a bit much.

Cute Stuff Season


Spring is definitely the seasons that hosts the most cute stuff. It's the season baby animals are most commonly born which just adds a whole extra layer of loveliness to look forward to.

The Best Part

Spring break is definitely the best part of spring. Even if you're just going to spend it surfing your couch.

Sneeze Season


Let's keep things in perspective, shall we? Spring is a beautiful time of year, but if you have allergies, it's also a nightmare to step outside. If that's you, relish these last few moments of winter and the ability to breath outside.

That Spring BBQ Life


The second the temperatures start to rise, we start to get excited about outdoors activities, even though it's not exactly outdoor weather just yet. This meme sums that up pretty perfectly.

Your Brain On Spring


That funny thing that happens when you start dressing for spring and all of a sudden you're channeling your six-year-old self that was dressed by your parents in the most over the top spring garb.... except you're doing it electively now.



There should probably be an inter-season name for the beginning of spring that is basically just a wetter, muddier winter without anything nice to look at.

Dad Jokes


Any seasonal change is a great opportunity to show off your best dad jokes. But this is also a great reminder that even though the first day of spring might not be the start of great, mild weather, it is a great time to start thinking about your garden game.

OK Weather, You're Not Fooling Anyone


I think that retail stores should be banned from selling spring things until it's actually spring. It's so unfair that we spend all of our money buying sun dresses and floral decorations when it's too freezing to wear anything other than a parka.