11 Costume Ideas If You Want To Dress Up Like A Giant Fruit For Halloween

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Costume Super Center; Shutterstock

While everyone else on the block is dressing up as things that nightmares are made of, you might find that the horror vibe just isn't appealing to you — and that's OK, we don't all embrace Halloween in the same way. Just because you don't have your heart set on a gory costume, doesn't mean you can't participate in Halloween festivities all the same. If you're into the holiday but not so much the spooky aspect of it, might I suggest fruit costumes for Halloween? You can't really get any more out of the ordinary than dressing up as your favorite piece of nature's candy, can you?

Here I've put together a list of costume suggestions based on the most popular fruits. Some of these costumes you can create at home without any supplies, some require a little crafting and others are as simple to put together as pressing a the "add to cart" button on a Halloween super store site. Because yes, whether this low-key trend is on your radar or not, it's a popular costume option and even the superstores are supporting it. It's part of your healthy breakfast and it's a more kid-friendly option than the Ted Bundy glasses your neighbor will be rocking. At least you can go to bed knowing you didn't contribute to anyone's nightmares — though that totally depends on just how campy you go with your fruity look.



Take a refreshing spin on this refreshing fruit. Instead of dressing up as a watermelon in a realistic way, make a fashionable nod to the summer fruit, with pink and black polka dots and bright green apparel pieces. This way, you're putting you money toward something you can wear after Halloween, or giving yourself a chance to find these pieces in your closet, or that of a friend.



This plush costume only comes with the berry shape and leafy hood, so you'll have to find your own garments to wear under it, unless it's a particularly warm night. If you really want to lean into the look, opt for green lipstick and green eyeliner. In lieu of a red top and green stockings, you might want to opt for black to make the berry part of the costume really stand out.



This isn't your average banana costume, there's something almost Warholian about it. It's stylized, it's got realistic details, it goes strangely well with red lipstick and blue jeans. Feel free to add your personal flair to this banana suit, whether you want to wear something upscale or punk rock under it, it's easy to make it your own.



This is the kind of costume that you're going to get a lot of milage out of, AKA, you'll probably wear this for many years to come. It's super easy to put together and doesn't require any creativity on your end. Slip on the bundle of grapes and wear whatever pants and shoes you please and go as purple as you can stand with your make up.



Instead of dressing up as a realistic lemon, take a 1950's spin on the fruity costume and dress up as a retro lemon lady. If you'd like a prop, you can whip up a jug of lemonade and bring it with you on Halloween to share with others, like the hostess with the mostess. Also let's be real, you'll definitely wear that dress again.

Fruit Salad


Can't pick a fruit because you love them all? Channel your inner most fruit goddess and dress up like a fashionable fruit cup. While the headpiece might only make sense on a holiday, the two-piece vintage fruit set can definitely be worn IRL. It works as a great party dress if you pair it with some nice shoes, but would be a great brunch outfit paired with a jean jacket, too.



You really can't get more straightforward than this realistic apple costume. If you want to make it more personalized, play with what you wear underneath it. If you want to make it a party look, pair it with some heels and opaque tights. If you want to make it a more autumnal look, pair it with some Uggs, a pumpkin spice prop drink and a knit beanie. The options are really endless and if you just want the costume to shine, opt for all black.

Adult Grape Juice


It comes from fruit, so it counts! If you're looking for a more adult or fashion forward approach to the grape costume, this wine goddess look will definitely hit the mark. Not to mention, any excuse to wear this epic grape crown headband should be taken. If you really want to drive the point home, bring a wine prop with you, just make sure you follow your local open container laws, and when in doubt, opt for grape juice.



It's a cocktail dress, it's a pineapple print, it's a pineapple cocktail and it's a creative and cute way to be inspired by your favorite fruit or vacation cocktail on Halloween. Take away the accessories and this dress is also cute enough to wear IRL, though if you only get one use out of it, you won't be too disappointed because it's extremely affordable.



"Violet, you're turning violet!" Whether your blueberry inspiration comes from Willy Wonka or you're just a fan of the fruit, this costume is going to make quite a statement. Face paint, stockings, mitts and sleeves are not included in this costume kit, only the berry body and the stem hat. Complete the look with items you already have at home and paint your face if you really want to go for it!



If you're looking for a fruit costume that's got a really low commitment level, this slice of lime is going to be your best bet. Essentially you can wear whatever you want and sip on this wedge for a festive nod to your favorite citrus fruit. This costume is a slide on tunic that will fit over warm clothes if you want to bundle up and will cover your butt if it's warm and you just want to wear stockings and a body suit under it.