11 'Full House' Songs That'll Make You Feel Like A Tanner, From "Baby Beluga" To "Three's Company"

by Danielle Burgos

Full House left an indelible stamp on the psyche of a generation, with the show's quirky moments and catchphrases embedding themselves into the deepest part of every '90s kids' lizard brain. To this day, merely uttering "cut it out", "have mercy", or "how rude" is enough to set off a Proustian flood of memory in most millennial minds. It should come as no surprise then that references within the show would have just as much sticking power — like these 11 songs that will make you think of Full House next time you hear them, guaranteed.

Featuring numerous musical guest stars and even band-in-residence The Rippers (later Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets, a name that just rolls off the tongue), music marked key moments throughout Full House's original eight-season run. Sometimes songs were the centerpiece of an episode, like when The Rippers kicked Jesse to the curb and their new song "April Girls" became a Full House in-show hit, much to Jesse's chagrin. Other times they were the catalyst for a heartwarming moment, like when DJ cut school to see fictional idol Stacey Q, only to get caught by Danny (don't worry, lessons were learned).

The songs here all existed in the real world well before hitting the airwaves, but were made their own by the Tanner family and friends. If you can hear these without thinking back fondly, you're in big trouble, mister.


"Everywhere You Look"

It's just impossible to hear the Full House theme song without being brought right back to the Tanners.


"Three's Company"

This equally upbeat show intro from another era nearly drove Jesse nuts trying to remember its missing lyrics. But thanks to Full House, a new generation learned that it's hers and hers and his, after all.


"Teddy Bear"

Elvis Presley has nothing on the triple-threat of Uncle Jesse, Joey and Danny harmonizing to put Michelle to sleep with this cuddly classic.


"'A' You're Adorable"

When Michelle tried setting up Danny with her kindergarten teacher in Season 5's "Matchmaker Michelle", this is the song she used to set the mood. A kid's idea of makeout music, it's pretty cute.



This song was the crown jewel of the Beach-Boys-heavy episode appropriately titled "Beach Boy Bingo" where DJ wins tickets and puts everyone in a tizzy about who she'll take to the concert. The solution? Have the mountain come to Mohammed, or in this case, have the Beach Boys drop by for an impromptu jam and invite the entire family to the concert. And no, you're not seeing things — that's John Stamos on drums in the official music video.


"Baby Beluga"

Uncle Joey and Stephanie burn out hard on this Raffi tune when it becomes Michelle's favorite and she plays it over, and over, and over... Lucky for the Tanners, this was the analogue age, and their pain ends once the cassette tape snaps. Imagine if it happened in the age of MP3s?



The Beach Boys strike again in one of the most '90s moments to hit the House. Jesse "sings" this Beach Boys cover to Becky on his wedding day, and it comes with a full-fledged candles-and-bed-out-of-place music video featuring his fictional in-show band, the Rippers. Seriously why were so many beds on beaches or deserts in the '90s?



Boyz II Men's jam "Motownphilly" gave middle child Stephanie a chance to shine and audition as a Fly Girl dancing along to it at her recital.


"My Generation"

Any declaration of rebellion this song projected died the moment Danny Tanner, aka Mr. Clean, took it up as a rock n' roll battle cry during his audition for Jesse's band.


"Keep A-Knockin"

It's no wonder Little Richard upstages Joey at the PTA meeting; this song's still a fireball decades later.


"Doo Wah Diddy"

Manfred Mann's upbeat '60s tune got a '90s makeover, with Uncle Jesse, various Rippers, and Michelle on lead vocals.


Honorable Mention: The 'Fuller House' Theme

Canadian pop star Carly Rae Jepsen's take on the original theme song gives the original a bubbly, bouncy update for the show's reboot.

So the next time the Beach Boys pop up on the radio, or you hear the drifting sounds of classic Elvis, see if you don't find yourself thinking of Full House everywhere you look, everywhere you go.