11 Fun Easter 2018 Activities For Adults That You’ll Actually Like

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Easter activities aren't just for the kids. While you may find Easter egg hunts elementary, I assure you that they are not. In fact, I would consider them one of the many fun Easter activities for adults you could ever participate in. And let's be real with our very mature, serious selves here: you don't have to be in elementary school to get a kick out of bunnies.

As we grow up, the holidays we enjoy getting presents for take on a different meaning. And most of them require long services and a day or two of meal prep you can't get out of because, well, now you know how to properly handle a paring knife. But that's the beauty of becoming an adult. There's a deeper meaning and connection to the holidays you grew up only enjoying on the surface.

Just because you have to help your parents peel 100 potatoes for the big family dinner doesn't mean you can't have fun. First of all, turn on a playlist and jam out with mom in the kitchen amongst a mountain of potato skins. There are plenty of ways to upgrade classic child Easter activities to keep the adult you interested. For the record, searching for eggs and painting them never gets old. In fact, like cheese or wine that we've grown up to obsess over, it gets better with age.

Easter Egg Hunt


Easter egg hunts do not lose their luster as we age. Finding things in the lawn remains a charming surprise. Especially if it's an Easter egg full of adult things like lottery tickets, a $10 bill, mints, mini booze bottles or beauty products.

Painting Easter Eggs


Like the aforementioned timeless activity of an Easter egg hunt, painting Easter eggs is also ageless. Continue to express your creativity on a canvas of egg shell. Your designs will definitely be way more instagrammable this time around.

Rice Krispies Nest Baking Party


Who doesn't enjoy baking for celebrations? Crack into a bottle of wine and release the Rice Krispies. Baking Rice Krispies nests is for the adults this year. Put your skills to the test and follow in A Spicy Perspective's footsteps towards edible Easter art.



What is Easter without the feast? Um, actually, it's a lot of things. But the day does call for a great deal of gathering around food. Start the day with a brunch.

Adult Coloring Books


As the kids color outside the lines of their paper Easter bunny, find your zen by coloring in the lines with pastel pencils. Never lose your child like wonder!

Mani Egg Hunt


Instead of painting eggs, paint your nails. Fill plastic eggs with bottles of nail polish and then set out to find them wherever they're scattered whether it's the front yard, a nearby park or a room in your house. Then congregate in the living room and set up a spa for you and your family to indulge in the art of nail painting.

Put Together Baskets For Your Community


As an adult, it sounds like you're in the position to take on some social responsibility. Get in touch with your local Church or another organization and see if you can make Easter baskets for people in your community. On the other hand, find a community soup kitchen that you can volunteer at to make sure everyone gets a hot meal on Easter Sunday.

Try Your Hand At Flower Arrangements


As the flowers begin to emerge from the soil, arrangements find their way to our dining tables. Pick your favorite stems and make them pretty in a vase. Getting that floral texture just right is very adult of you.

Host A Tea Party


With real tea. And real pastries. Hats welcomed.

Visit An Animal Sanctuary


Easter is commercially symbolized by bunnies and chicks. While that's all very cute, why not venture to an animal sanctuary instead of a petting zoo for a compassionate visit with our furry friends. Animal sanctuaries rescue animals from traumatic living conditions and could use volunteers as well as your financial help in keeping their organizations running.

Egg Breakfast


Why not invite all your friends over for an egg breakfast? Display eggs in all their versatile glory. From scrambled to soft boiled, you and your friends can have quite the morning breakfast. Don't forget about shakshuka and egg sandwiches!