8 Easter Activities For Adults, Because Fun Isn't Only For Kids

The ham has been bought, the baskets have been filled, and the eggs have all been dyed. Everything is ready for the children this Sunday, but what about the Easter activities for adults? Kids aren't the only ones who can have an egg hunt.

The older you get, the more stressful (and less fun) holidays seem to get. Instead of waking up early and excited to see what gifts were left by the Easter Bunny the night before, you dread having to peel yourself out of bed early on a Sunday. Rather than tearing through the candy and toys in your Easter basket with glee, you're responsible for filling them, and you never get one of your own anymore. One of the worst things, though? You don't just get to pig out on a multi-course meal, you have to help prepare it, cook it, serve it, and probably clean up after it, too. Growing up sucks sometimes, especially around usual kid-centric holidays.

We all know there's no going back — we can never be kids again. The good news? You can still find ways to have adult-friendly fun that will make you feel like a child again. For the downtime you have between all the adulting on Easter, here are eight adult Easter activities that will help you have a fun day, too.

1. Adult Egg Hunt

Remember how excited you were when you found the last hidden Easter egg during the hunt? Imagine how much better that feeling would be if the last egg actually had alcohol inside. Take these simple steps to throw the perfect grown-up egg hunt, or more simply fill Easter eggs with nips and hide them around for your guests to find. Trust me, once people find enough of them, no one will be jealous of the kids any more.

2. Lucky Lotto Egg Hunt

If you want to do an Easter egg hunt for adults, but don't want it to be alcohol-related, go for every grown-up's next favorite thing: money. Have everyone bring a plastic egg or two with a scratch ticket inside, and then hide them all around for people to find. It's an inexpensive way to spread cash around, and if you're lucky, someone will win big and share the love.

3. Plastic Egg Truth Or Dare

Add a little juvenile fun to your adult Easter with a good old-fashioned game of truth or dare.Fill plastic eggs with slips of paper that either have a "truth" question written on them, or some kind of dare. Pass a basket of the eggs around and have people take turns finding one. If someone pulls an egg they don't like, they aren't allowed to pick again — they either have to do what the egg asks, or take a drink. Be careful what you pick!

4. Egg Decorating

Anyone can dip a hard-boiled into some dye, but can anyone do it without getting their fingers covered? Let the kids play with the colored cups, and set up a table with paint, brushes, glitter, and other fun and unique egg decorating supplies, and see who can come up with the coolest creation.

5. Egg Tap

One of my favorite traditions as a kid was the annual egg tap game. The rules are simple: everyone grabs a hard boiled egg and goes around in a circle using their egg to try and crack the person's egg next to you without cracking your own. To give it an adult twist, you can give away a bottle of wine or champagne for the person whose egg cracks last.

6. Beautiful Egg Hunt

Sure, any adult would love to open up a plastic egg and find some booze inside, but if you happen to be spending Easter with your girl gang, make your egg hunt beautiful. Hide plastic eggs filled with mini nail polishes, lip stick, eye shadows, face mask packets, and sample sizes of your favorite beauty products. Everyone will go home happy and with a mini beauty kit.

7. Brunch

If your Easter is going to be sans-children, gather up your grown-up friends and throw a fun and boozy brunch. Make a mimosa or Bloody Mary bar, try some new brunch recipes, and don't be shy with the egg decorations. Who says you can't party on a Sunday?

8. Easter Egg Swap

Christmas isn't the only time to exchange gifts, and thanks to this great idea courtesy of Leah Rocketto at Romper, you can spread the love on Easter, too. Have each guest bring a small gift hidden in a plastic egg, and proceed like you would a Yankee swap. It's a great way to brighten up everyone's Easter.

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