11 Things To Do On Galentine’s Day To Bring Your Squad Closer Together

Hannah Burton/Bustle

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the best holiday in February is, in fact, Galentine’s Day. While Valentine’s Day and National Battery Day serve as fierce competition for the title, Galentine’s Day stands out by offering celebrators the chance to bask in the power and love of female friendship, relationship status aside.

Traditionalists observe the holiday, originally coined by the fictional character of Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation, on Feb. 13, a day before Valentine's Day. A 2010 episode of the show sees Leslie gather her friends for a waffle brunch. As Knope, played by Amy Poehler, explains in the episode: "Every February 13th, my ladyfriends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies."

What was once a fun pop culture reference has grown into a bonafide holiday over the years, with countless think pieces on the subject that both celebrate and condemn it. But quite frankly, any excuse to hang out with our friends and let them know just how much they mean to us sounds like a solid idea. In case you're feeling inspired to join in on the festivities, here are 11 ways you can celebrate Galentine’s Day properly with your friends this year.


The Parks & Rec Way

Pay homage to the founding mother of Galentine's Day by hosting a boozy (or regular) waffle brunch for your friends à la Leslie Knope. Really, any occasion is made better by adding waffles.


Marathon Your Favorite Movies

Celebrating Galentine's Day doesn't mean you have to go out of your way to spend a lot and make your wallet sad. Call up your closest friends for a movie or T.V. show marathon at your place, stock up on some snacks, and become one with your couch for a fun night in.


Host a Wine and Cheese Night

If a group-date with Netflix isn't up your alley, you can zhuzh up the evening with some wine and cheese. Put some music on (ideally a powerful girl group or feminist icon Cher), tell everyone to dress fancy for the sake of it, and tuck in for a night of gouda and lounging with your friends.


Try Out a New Restaurant

Perhaps you and your friends keep hearing about a hole-in-the-wall you just have to try, or you feel like it's the perfect time to splurge at a bougie new restaurant. Make a reservation for you and the gang and turn said eatery into the location for your Galentine's Day festivities.


Set up a Group Spa Outing

Depending on your budget, you can make this option as fancy or as low-key as you like. Whether you set up a DIY mani-pedi date at your friend's house or want to make a group reservation at a spa for massages, the point is that you guys will be together for the experience.


Take a Fun Class

Use the time with your friends to try out a new hobby or learn a new skill. Potential ideas for outings include booking baking or cooking classes, as well as painting sessions.


Commemorate the Day with an Exercise Class

Nothing says friendship quite like sweating it out together in a group exercise class. Depending on how active your friends are, anything from a beginner yoga class to an intense cardio session could be a fun idea to bond (and boost your endorphins while you're at it).


Check out a Comedy Show

Depending on where you live, tickets to local comedy gigs are generally quite cost-friendly and an easy way to try something new with friends.


Head to a Concert Together

Granted, this option is subject to when a particular music act you and your friends like is in town, so it may be more of a Galentine's ~Week~ or ~Month~ experience. But either way, live music is made more fun with the addition of friends. Karaoke or your local open mic are also a great alternative.


Host a Game Night

Hello, when was the last time you took out that dusty old edition of Monopoly/Clue/Cards Against Humanity/etc. out of storage? Whether your friends are into classic board games or are more down for a rowdy poker night, a game night is easy to set up and promises a fun evening.


Host a Baking Party

Perhaps you and your friends are big fans of The Great British Bake Off, or you just enjoy eating homemade cookies. Either reason is a great excuse to invite your closest friends over to cherish each other and also consume copious amounts of baked goods.


Whether you and your friends want to make a proper event out of Galentine's Day or do something more low-key, there's no shortage of fun ways to celebrate.