11 Gifts That Every True 'Friends' Fan Needs In Their Life
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters and Etsy

Your jobs a joke, you're broke, your love life's DOA. But in spite of all that, it's the holidays, and it's time to get your shop on, because you have the special task of finding your Friends obsessed pal a gift they would love and cherish. As you might know, there are Friends fans, and then there are Friends fanatics. Meaning that it might be a challenge to get your paws on a piece of paraphernalia they don't already own, but trust, there are a lot of unique objects out there centered on celebrating these six fictional New Yorkers.

And listen, you are not the only one who is going to be shopping for Friends items this holiday season, which is another reason you have to chop-chop on the good stuff now. Even though the sitcom has been technically off air for fifteen years, it still continues to be one of the most popular TV shows in the world. People just won't ever get enough of Chandler's one-liners and jokes about Monica being a control-freak.

Take a look below and get yourself one of these fine gifts that will undoubtedly communicate to your near and dear, "I'll be there for you," this holiday season and beyond.


A Replica Of Monica's Door

You certainly can't get much cuter than this gift — it's just a little something to put on the bookshelf or next to the bed to remind your friend of Monica Geller's apartment door. It's the little things that keep us going, you know?

This piece is a handmade replica of the lavender door we all know and love and will undoubtedly provide your friends a reason to start a whole Friends altar.

Plus, think of how many people came in and out of that door over the years? Brad Pitt, for one.


The Peephole Frame

I mean, you'd recognize that thing anywhere, would you not? For a few moments, let your friend believe that they are, in fact, living in the iconic apartment, peeping through to see if Joey and Chandler are up to any shenanigans in the hallway. If they get tired of framing their peephole (that admittedly sounds weird), then they can use it as a regular picture frame! Perhaps inside they will put a portrait of you.


A Candle Scented Like Their Favorite Friend

Whichever of the cast is their favorite, well, there is a candle for that. A special handcrafted scent along with a unique description based on that character. For example, the Rachel Green one begins "smells like a fashionista trendsetter with the world’s most sought after haircut…"

Perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration with the whole haircut claim — not sure anyone in Patagonia ever asked for The Rachel — but you get the idea. Get a Rachel and Ross duo set. Get ten Joey's. Get all five candles, one for each Friend. Your friend will be totally tickled.


Lookingglass Theater Company Tickets


What's this, you ask? Well, it's a what we call a deep cut gift for a Friends fan. If you happen to live in the Chicago area, you can get your friend tickets to see a play at the award-winning theater company started by Ross Geller! And by Ross Geller, I do mean David Schwimmer, who happens to have a respectable, if not illustrious, reputation on the wooden boards of the stage. If your pal sweats Ross to this very day, this is the kind of gift that will get you asked to make a toast at their wedding. I don't make the rules.


Central Perk Mug

Maybe it's obvious. But on the off chance that your Friends obsessed friend doesn't already have one, then it is time to get them a mug celebrating the gang's favorite hang out spot. Get a bag of some delicious coffee to go with it as a little, ahem, perk-me-up. In fact, maybe you should get a whole set of mugs and a big comfy couch for them while you're at it? Just thoughts.


'Friends' Friendship Charm Bracelet

Perfectly charming! This is one for the subtle, elegant Friends lover who might not want to broadcast their devotion, but wants to keep it close nevertheless. From afar, it's simply a beautiful bracelet. Up close, it's dangling with reminders of their favorite show. Who doesn't want a miniature golden replica of Monica's door hanger? You can even add on some friendship charms of your own over the years. It's sure to pull at the heartstrings.


'Friends' Engraved Pencils

Methinks quoting Friends these days probably happens more than quoting Shakespeare, but just a little less than quoting Seinfeld. Some of those famous lines, like, "We were on a break" can be right there on a pencil, making your loved one giggle and smile as they write to-do lists and draw their doodles of the cast all cuddled together on the Central Perk couch.


'Friends' Skyline Poster

A perfect thing to hang above their couch when they're watching the show — it's the ever hilarious take on the famous construction workers on a break image. Basically the meeting of two iconic pieces of NYC pop culture in one image. And everyone looks so darn cute in it, to boot!


I'll Be There For You: The One About Friends by Kelsey Miller

For something to read between periodic Friends marathons, this book is a retrospective of the series jam-packed with interviews, behind the scenes details, hot takes on the show, and some interesting historical context. Apparently, it's the "definitive" text on Friends, by journalist and pop-culture expert Kelsey Miller. Maybe it will even teach your own pal something they didn't know about the show. Nothing like the gift of knowledge, amirite?


'Friends' Blind Box Enamel Pin

It's a surprise as to which one of these delightful pins you get when you order them, so you might want to get 3 or 4 for your friend to enjoy and try to nab most of the collection. You can even clandestinely pop them onto jackets and bags to surprise your friend again and again as they find them hiding through the holiday season. Drawing out the celebration is what it's all about!


FunkO's Cereal with Pocket Pop! Chandler Cereal

IMO, this is the best gift of all, because not only can they keep the darling box commemorating Chandler's best hairstyle ever, they can also enjoy a few delicious bowls of cereal while revisiting (and revisiting) their favorite episodes.

Now get out your credit cards and go Friends-wild the way Rachel would do at a Bloomingdale's sale. Your friendship will surely last more than ten seasons.