11 Halloween Party Ideas That Are Totally Witchin’

'Tis the season for mini candy bars and your best Wednesday Addams look! If you've already watched Hocus Pocus no less than one hundred times this month, you're probably going to be throwing a Halloween party. You can make sure that it's a spook-tacular affair with show-stopping Halloween party ideas. From horror movie marathons to decorating edible haunted houses, your not so average Halloween party will certainly be more treat than trick.

Halloween is a creative holiday. Decorations are encouraged and the quality of costumes thrown together makes this very special day in October feel like its own fashion week. Throwing a party lends a stage to showcase this passion for ghosts and goblins and witches and vampires and pumpkins. Pick a theme and invest your whole black heart into making it the most memorable party of the year. Add something special to the vibe that goes beyond bobbing for apples. (Though, you should still definitely do that no matter the theme.)

Whether you're going for a ghouls night in or a horror movie marathon, there are games to play and cocktails to serve that will have your entire guest list counting down until the next Halloween party you throw.

Horror Movie Party

If you and your friends are film buffs, a Halloween party doesn't have to be much more than a movie marathon. Dim the lights and outfit your living room turned haunted movie theater with candelabras fit for a haunted mansion. Make sure there's a spooky selection of snacks on display, like gummy spiders and dark chocolate covered popcorn.

Have A Witchin' Time

Who wouldn't want to go to a witchin' party all the time? Throw a bash for your coven this Halloween. Take a cue from our witchy sisters and serve margaritas like in 'Practical Magic'. Be like the Sanderson Sisters and sing 'I Put A Spell On You'. Manifest positive energy and maybe even serve pumpkin soup from a cauldron. This will surely be a ~powerful~ night.

Hallowine Night

Gather your friends together for an outlandishly swanky soiree of wine tastings. Dress to the nines, leaving no costume jewelry piece in the box. Serve all your favorite wines and perhaps emphasize the orange selection of wines. You know, to stick with the theme of Halloween!

'Thriller' Party

If you and your friends incorporate dancing into every get together, why not make this year's Halloween party all about ~dance~. Meticulously study Michael Jackson's legendary 'Thriller' music video. Dress up as werewolves and graveyard zombies and do not leave the party until the entire dance has been learned and recorded for everyone's Instagram story.

A Very Harry Halloween

Sure, everyday of the year we're waiting on our admission to Hogwarts. But on this one day, where it is acceptable to pretend that we have already been admitted to the school of witchcraft and wizardry, take advantage. Throw a Very Harry Halloween party and turn your home into Hogwarts. Let yourself live your very best Harry Potter life.

Mystery Party

Just like Scooby and the gang, there's always some spooky mystery to solve. Emotionally invest in a game of Clue with your closest friends to find out who committed the crime with what in which room.

A Harvest Dinner

If you're not one for spider webs and rubber bats, you can still celebrate the evening with the fruits of the season. Namely, winter squash. Throw a sophisticated dinner party featuring pumpkins and squash in all their forms: as soup and bread to ravioli filling and pie.

Haunted House Party

Gather your best ghoulfriends for a 'scary' night in. Fill a shopping cart with all those Halloween snack size candy bags and the gingerbread houses that hit the shelves a little early. Halloween could be the perfect night to pour yourself a glass of orange wine and be the wicked architect of a very haunted — and edible — house.

Pumpkin Carving Party

Those orange globes we know and love as pumpkins basically beg to be carved into. Pick up a few at the next Farmer's Market you head to and gather your best friends for a

'I Vant To Suck Your Blood' Party

Turn your home into a cave for vampires. Serve bloody cocktails and bob for apples with fangs in your mouth. There's one rule only: NO GARLIC ALLOWED.

Monster Mash Dance Party

Create a ~killer~ playlist for this dance party. From horror movie soundtracks to top hits, dance the night away dressed as a very groovy monster.