11 Halloween Wigs From Amazon Prime That You Can Buy Super Last Minute

Wigs are having a moment right now. Once upon a time they were used strictly for dress up, but once you bestow a full lace front atop your head, there's no going back. In the spirit of All Hallows Eve, costumes that come correct have a cool Halloween wig for a complete ensemble. And if you're attending a last minute gig, there's always Amazon Prime.

Theres something about putting on a wig that transforms the spirit of a person in the realm of cosplay and costumes. A wig is the piece that truly identifies who and which character you want to depict. From iconic Lady Gaga references to the hair styles of T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli's in the "No Scrub" video, there's plenty of hairspiration to go around.

Whether you're someone who's heavily into the holiday spirit or just going to steal all of the party candy, a wig is enough to get you by with the big day short to come.

This Halloween, though is one that has Amazon Prime stocked with wigs that not only transform you for the night, but some you can even hold onto and whip back and forth once the party's over.

Here are some of the best wig picks.

1. Pink & Purple Ombre

Wear this ombre wig for a colorful witchy look as a pop of color to your all black gettup. It also comes with a wig cap to keep your natural locks in place.

2. Mildiso Short Blue Wig

This shoulder-length wig is about as close to sky blue as you can get. You can also appreciate the fact that this is one of those wigs that can be worn daily. If you're brave enough, anyways.

3. Straight Bob

This short bob would be ideal if you want to put an easy Velma costume together with a skirt and a turtleneck sweater. You can't forget that this classic bob would also work to turn yourself into Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers.

4. Synthetic Black and White

A synthetic black and white wig split down the middle is serving up some serious Sia inspiration, or if you know how to style in some curls, this is a Cruella De Ville lookalike.

5. Short & Fluffy

You can go so many different ways with this red fluffy wig. The most iconic look to go for, though, might just be Frances Conroy in American Horror Story.

6. Fluffy Wavy Party Halloween Costume Merida Wig

This wig comes straight out of Brave in this Merida wig. All you'll need is a medieval green gown and a bow.

7. Big Wavy Dark Wine Red Hair

A long red wig is a nice reminder of the voluptuous Jessica Rabbit. Grab your purple gloves and sparkly red dress now, Ms. Thang.

8. White Wig

A wig is fitting if you're attempting to be, well, almost anything. From fairies to white walkers, the ideas behind a white wig are endless.

9. Milk Grey Long Curly Soft Wave

Grey wigs are usually dead wringers for witches, but zombies and mummies are still options to stretch this look into multiple costumes. Honestly, you can glam it up or ghoul it down.

10. Daenerys Targaryen Cosplay Wig

This one goes without saying, but Daenerys from Game of Thrones is such a baddie. If you can muster up some fire-breathing dragons, it'd be much appreciated.

11. Black Bob

This ear-length bob makes for a costume that's action-packed. Toss on a cat suit and you're kicking butt and taking names.

If you're attending a series of parties this Halloween, one wig can take a variety of costumes to a whole new level.